Request for Scholarship Deferment and/or Leave of Absence

PLEASE NOTE - This form is for current students already attending SUU. If you are a new international student, please contact International Admissions at

A scholarship deferment will hold your scholarship until you return. Scholarship Housing awards may not be deferred. A leave of absence will allow you to choose the catalog you are currently using or the new catalog upon your return. If you do not obtain a leave of absence you will use the new catalog upon your return. If you will only be absent for one semester, please fill out a deferment request as well.

Acceptable reasons to defer your scholarship or to receive a leave of absence include, but are not limited to: military service, medical, or church service. Requests must be approved by the appropriate committee. You cannot defer a scholarship or receive a leave of absence and attend any other institution of higher learning.

If you are an incoming student requesting a deferment for religious service you will automatically be approved for up to six academic semesters. If you are a current student requesting a deferment for religious service you will automatically be considered as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for your scholarship at the end of the current term. If your appeal request is denied you will be informed by the scholarship committee with additional information.

The leave of absence allows you to return without reapplying or paying the $15 reapplication fee. You must notify the admissions and scholarship offices of your return in a timely manner. Contact the Registrar’s office to drop courses, if you have registered for the semester you plan to leave. Scholarship deferments and/or leaves of absence may be granted for a maximum of six semesters.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act restricts information from being released or another person conducting business for a student. You may consider giving authorization to transact business for you during your absence. This will allow someone else to assist you with registering for classes, review statements, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have borrowed Federal student loans, and you wish to defer, you will also need to contact your loan servicer and let them know your plans. Loan servicers have options for students who wish to defer for service (such as church or military) or other types of leave of absence. If you are planning to leave school for a time for any type of service activity and have borrowed a student loan, please reach out to your loan servicer.