Financial Aid & Scholarships

Request for Scholarship Deferment and/or Leave of Absence

A scholarship deferment will hold your scholarship until you return. Scholarship Housing awards may not be deferred. A leave of absence will allow you to choose the catalog you are currently using or the new catalog upon your return. If you do not obtain a leave of absence you will use the new catalog upon your return. It is not necessary to submit a Leave of Absence for a one semester absence.

Acceptable reasons to defer your scholarship or to receive a leave of absence include, but are not limited to: military service, medical, or church service. Requests must be approved by the appropriate committee. You cannot defer a scholarship or receive a leave of absence and attend any other institution of higher learning.

The leave of absence allows you to return without reapplying or paying the $10 reapplication fee. You must notify the admissions and scholarship offices of your return in a timely manner. Contact the Registrar’s office to drop courses, if you have registered for the semester you plan to leave. Scholarship deferments and/or leaves of absence may be granted for a maximum of five semesters.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act restricts information from being released or another person conducting business for a student. You may consider giving authorization to transact business for you during your absence. This will allow someone else to assist you with registering for classes, review statements, etc.