"The Call" - Leadership Weekend 2017

March 3-4, 2017

The Call - Leadership Weekend

Don't miss your opportunity to get involved this next year! Leadership Organizations from across campus will choose the top candidates to fill open positions within their teams. Organizations participating include:

  • Presidential Ambassadors
  • Community Attaches
  • Leavitt Center
  • COSE (College of Science and Engineering Board)
  • International Ambassadors
  • Community Engagement Center
  • Many More!

Step 1) Submit a preliminary application below. Submissions must be received by February 1st by 11:59pm. Applications include your personal information, cover letter, written resume and EITHER a video resume OR preliminary interview. *Video resumes are preferred but the interview option is available for students if needed.

Video Resumes should be no longer than 2 minutes and posted to YouTube. We will be requesting that YouTube URL within the preliminary application. We are looking to get to know your personality, why you want to be involved and why you are choosing SUU. Be creative and have some fun!

Students who choose to participate in a preliminary interview must schedule the interview with the Welcome Center at (435-586-7741). Interviews will be approximately 15 minutes in length and will be available on the following dates: January 10, January 19 and before and after the January 20-21 Red Riot and January 27. Times will be varied throughout the day and will be first come first serve, once all times are full, the date will be unavailable. You must select another date and time. You must call in during business hours to schedule the interview (8am-5pm MST).

Step 2) Finalists will be chosen February 10. All applicants will be contacted through email regarding their status - finalists or non-finalists. Leadership Weekend will begin around Noon on Friday March 3 and continue through Saturday afternoon. Finalist are required to attend the entire weekend. If you are unable to attend, we can look into scheduling a separate tryout on a case by case basis. However, you will be at a disadvantage to those who were able to participate at the weekend. More information will be provided upon invitation.

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