International Aviation BannerInternational Students Application for Flight Privileges Procedure

We are pleased to hear of your interest in the Southern Utah University Aviation Professional Pilot Program. The BSAS requires flight time in order to graduate. The selective admission process for flight privileges occurs before each semester, fall, spring and summer. Admission deadlines are available from the Department of Aviation Student Outreach Representatives and are also listed below. If you have questions regarding transfer credits or advisement, please contact the Student Success Advisor in Engineering and Computational Sciences at (435) 586-5420. SUU Department of Aviation admission is competitive and based on review of all application materials.

* Note: BSAS courses can be taken without flight privileges, however, graduation is dependent on completing flight labs.

Minimum requirements to apply for admission for flight privileges include the following:

  • General Admission to Southern Utah University
    • Domestic Student Admission website
    • International Student Admission website

Applying for flight privilege admission

  • For non-native English speaking students:
    • Meet the minimum Aviation Flight Lab Oral Proficiency requirement.
      • Test: OPI
      • Minimum Test Score: Advanced High or Superior  
    • If minimum English proficiency is met, one semester for aviation English Course (AEC) is required. Degree relevant courses may be taken concurrently.
    • If minimum English proficiency is not met, one semester for aviation English course and one semester for Intensive English Fluency course. Degree relevant courses may be taken concurrently.
    • Grade for Aviation English Course and Intensive English Fluency course needs to be a B or higher.
    • Upon passing the Intensive English Fluency course with a grade of B or higher, the student must demonstrate improved oral language proficiency by retaking the English tests required for admissions (OPI). If the student is still unable to demonstrate an adequate level of oral language proficiency, the intensive English Fluency course can be repeated as many times as necessary. Many students who are unable to meet the oral language requirement will find it necessary to repeat the Intensive English Fluency course.
  • Flight privileges will require successful registration with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a division of Homeland Security, which governs aviation training of foreign nationals. This process takes an average of 45 days and must be completed two weeks prior to the start of the next semester. To begin this process go to Flight training can begin within 180 days of TSA approval.
  • With TSA application complete, minimum English proficiency level met and upon passing the required English course(s), students can begin application for flight privileges.

Become an International Aviation student

Aviation Application for Flight Privileges Checklist

Each of the following items must be submitted electronically by the semester deadline. Each of the items below can be submitted electronically through our online Canvas course or emailed to

Prior to beginning the application process


  • FAA Medical Certificate, 1st or 2nd class (Canvas Course or Email)
  • Physical Requirements Agreement (Canvas Course or Email)
  • Results from Approved Oral Language Proficiency Exam (Non-native English speakers only)

Required if transferring in previous flight licenses, certifications, or ratings

  • Interview with Director of Flight Operations
  • On-Campus or Remote Ground Exam (This can be completed over Zoom)
  • On-Campus Flight Exam (Flight Exam must be done in person at Southern Utah University. Aircraft rental fees will be the applicant's responsibility)

Optional Documents

  • Aviation Entrance Exam (Must be completed in Canvas Course)
  • Letter of Recommendation (Canvas Course or Email)
  • 750 word Essay (Canvas Course, Essay Prompt: “What does a career in Aviation mean to you?”)
  • Aviation Performance Assessment (Screenshot from Canvas, Submitted in Canvas)

Note: Any applicant that has not completed their FAA medical and the Physical Requirements Agreement by the semester deadline will not be considered for flight privileges at Southern Utah University.

If you are planning on transferring in previous flight licenses and you do not complete the requirements for transfer pilots, you will not be considered for a flight spot.

If you have any questions please call the Aviation Admissions Office at (435) 865-8148.

Apply as an International Aviation student

Physical Requirements Agreement

Southern Utah University’s Aviation program values diversity in the students who wish to enter the aviation profession. Students interested in entering the aviation program must be aware of functional requirements, environmental factors, and psychosocial demands that must be met during each flight or ground session to be considered as a candidate for entry.

Functional requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Meet all requirements in order to obtain and maintain at least a 2nd class FAA medical certificate.
  • Must be able to bend, squat, reach, lay down, etc. in order to fully preflight the aircraft.
  • Must be able to sit for long periods of time.
  • Must be able to simultaneously and rapidly coordinate mental and muscular coordination.
  • Ability to push, pull and lift heavy equipment.

Environmental factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Ability to work in loud environments with proper protection.
  • Ability to work safely in and around operating aircraft. This can include moving parts such as propellers, rotors, etc.
  • Flights can be bumpy and hot due to varying weather. This can result in motion sickness. If you are prone to other types of motion sickness (roller coasters, car sickness), you might get motion sickness from flying.
  • Irregular work hours including weekends and nights and holidays.
  • Ability to work in continually changing weather conditions. This can include extreme heat and cold, extended time in the sun, rain, snow, etc.

Psychosocial demands include, but are not limited to:

  • Ability to deal with high-stress situations.
  • Ability to make sound decisions when the outcome could potentially cause harm to oneself or others.