5 Reasons to Get Involved at College

Posted: February 22, 2017 | Author: Abigail Wyatt | Read Time: 3 minutes

students holding a sign that says "hi mom and dad"There is more to college than the classroom. One of the best decisions you can make as a student is to get involved in extracurricular activities to enrich your college experience, learn new skills, and add some fun to your schedule. “College is meant to be more than just an education,” said Debbie Staples, Southern Utah University (SUU) Parent and Family Services Coordinator. “Getting involved helps students discover their potential and have a better college experience.”

Jamie Smith, an SUU Spanish major from Green Rock, Wisconsin, said her first two years in college were uneventful and she couldn’t wait for it to be over. “When I transferred to SUU, I realized I needed to change so I signed up for clubs and put myself out there,” she said. “I’ve made new friends, I’m happier, I am connected to my university and I feel more prepared for life after college.”

5 reasons to get involved at college:

Build your resume
According to USA Today College, your GPA may get you an interview, but it no longer guarantees a job or admission. Employers and graduate schools expect you to have more than just a degree on your resume. Gaining experience through internships, leadership positions, and projects outside the classroom can set you apart from competition. Get started at SUU by finding community opportunities through the Community Engagement Center.

Connections and personal interactions with professors and students open doors to future jobs, internships and leadership positions. Set up a free LinkedIn account, get out of your comfort zone, attend social events and search for mentors through alumni and university faculty.

Develop soft skills
Employers are interested in hiring employees who clearly communicate, work well in teams, problem solve and adjust to challenging tasks. These soft skills are developed through leadership opportunities, teamwork, sports and other extracurricular activities.

Learn more about yourself
Getting involved in college lets you explore new interests and gain practical experience in a safe setting. You might discover talents, passions and strengths you never knew you had. Try everything at least once. Participate in campus clubs, events, greek life, squads, concerts, traditions and other services. Find a list of SUU’s activities on the Student Involvement and Leadership website.

Make friends
Extracurricular activities will help you feel connected to others and your school. “When students don’t get involved in college they’re doing themselves a big disservice,” said Staples “Getting involved helps people find their crowd and have fun.” Visit the SUU Outdoors to sign up for free outdoor excursions or search the events calendar for opportunities to make new friends.

“The more involved I am in college the more I fall in love with my university,” said Cami Matthews, an SUU marketing student from Taylorsville, Utah. “Everything I do helps me realize why SUU is here and what it does for its students.”

Academics and extracurricular activities go hand in hand to turn a one-dimensional education into a well-rounded education. “You are not in college to buy something you are there to become something,” said Matthew Sanders, author of Becoming a Learner. “The quality of your education depends on you.”

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