Student Involvement and Leadership Office

Student Involvement & Leadership exists to help all students get involved, make connections, and develop the leadership skills necessary to succeed beyond the classroom and after college. STIL advocates for and provides a voice to each student to ensure successful and meaningful experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. STIL is dedicated to helping all students find success and accomplish their goals

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STIL Values

  • Student Obsessed: We put students first in all things. 
  • Together We Rise: We rely heavily on each other for the success of the organization.
  • Bias for Action: We are not afraid to try new things and fail. 
  • Diversity Creates Positive Friction: We value the many different backgrounds and opinions that STIL brings together.
  • Long Term Thinkers: We understand that just because our tenure is short, we don’t need to think short term. We consistently plant seeds that we may never see the fruits of. 
  • Extreme Ownership: We look for ways we could have done better, rather than placing the blame on someone else. 
  • Scrappy: We're smart, resourceful, and find a way to successfully get the job done.