9 Ways to Support Your College Student

Posted: October 06, 2017 | Author: Abigail Wyatt | Read Time: 2 minutes

Student in cap and cown with parentsThe transition from high school to college requires a lot of changes. However, even though your student is beginning a new chapter in their life, they’ll still need mental, emotional and physical support from parents, guardians and family. This support is something many college students value, however it can be difficult for parents.

Here are 9 ways to support your student in college from SUU Parent & Family Services:

Encourage your student to get to know faculty members, participate in class, and go to faculty office hours. By getting to know their professors, students will be more comfortable in class and more likely to ask for help when they need it.

Encourage them to never miss a class. Unless your student is sick or has some other valid excuse to miss class they should go the extra mile to attend class, even when they’re tired. Students who go to every class session rarely fail a course.

Remind them to carefully read their syllabus for each course. The syllabus lists assignments and due dates, required books and course materials, and test dates. It is handed out and should also be available through the professor’s web portal.

Recommend using a planner. A planner or calendar can help them keep track of their class schedule, homework and exams, and activities.

Show interest in their college life. Ask your student what courses they are taking, and about their meetings with their academic advisor.

Encourage study skills and time management. College course work is a lot harder than high school. In college, students spend fewer hours in class but many more hours studying outside of class (typically 2-3 hours for every hour of class time). Being a college student is a full-time job.

Coach your student to find quiet places to study. Usually this is not at home, if your student still lives with you, or in the residence hall. Campus libraries offer spaces for individual and small group work and are open long hours. Academic buildings and coffee shops have quiet corners.

Remind your student to take advantage of help on campus. This help includes faculty office hours, the writing center, study groups, and more.

Have confidence in your student. Let them know you support their students and cheer for their success.

Family support is important for any college student. More than anything, let your student know that you care. This will help them feel love from home and be even more confident in college. If you think of any other ways to support your college student share your ideas on social media with the hashtag #tbirdnation.

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