What is My Southern Utah University Voice?

Posted: May 15, 2018 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 2 minutes

Students walking across campusAt Southern Utah University, students are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects by using a feedback system called My SUU Voice. This system allows for students to share their concerns or compliments about campus life either anonymously or attaching their name. The responses submitted are reviewed and vetted by the Southern Utah University Student Association (SUUSA) on a daily basis.

“My SUU Voice is a vital tool for SUUSA because if we do not know what the students need or what we cannot serve our students correctly,” said Parker Hess, former SUUSA Vice President of Academics. “We have to engage with the needs and opinions of our constituents so that we fulfill our duties as representatives.”

The Student Association currently has four different ways for students to share their feedback:

My SUU Voice Box: Moving around the Sharwan Smith Student Center is a tall red box that has the SUUSA logo on it. This box is equipped with slips of paper and pens, so whenever you pass by it and have a thought you would like to share to improve campus you can quickly submit your idea. This method allows you to be anonymous or you may jot down your name and contact information. 

MySUUVoice: If you would you like to quickly share your thoughts on ways to improve campus or let your concerns out, you can hashtag #mySUUVoice on any social media platform. The hashtag does not allow for much anonymity, nevertheless, the Student Association will respond and collect your voice to influence change around campus.

My SUU Voice Website: SUUSA has developed an official My SUU Voice webpage for students to submit a more official feedback. In addition to collecting the student voice, the form also collects information about the user. The form will ask what academic college you belong to, class standing, and how else you identify as a student. You may still give your feedback anonymously but additional information assists the organization in determine where they are receiving the feedback from and where they will focus efforts to reach more students.

Contact an SUUSA Officer: The best way to start change on campus or directly communicate your ideas or suggestions is sitting down with officers in SUUSA. You can reach out the student body officers anytime and with the variety of representation in the organization you can contact the officer you feel is best suited for your concern or idea.

The Southern Utah University Student Association is constantly seeking ways to create opportunities for students and better campus life. Sharing your thoughts with them helps guide them on their mission to make SUU a better place for students.

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