Creating a Mess-Free Meal Time for Moms

Posted: July 12, 2018 | Author: Kayla Centeno | Read Time: 2 minutes

baby in high chair bibNot every business venture has to be done on a large scale. Some of the greatest business ideas can start in your very own home.

Part time students and full time moms, McKelle Skirvin and Katelyn Halterman, were talking on the phone one day about the daily struggles of meal time with their children. “The most frustrating thing about meal time with my daughter is cleaning up the high chair and changing her clothes after every meal. Bibs are wonderful because they save the top of the outfit, but what about her bottoms? Nothing is there to stop her from dropping handfuls of spaghetti onto her pants and rubbing the red sauce all over.” Mckelle said.

After months of frustration, the friends experimented with the idea of creating a high chair insert to catch run away food and decided to sketch a design. Their idea became what is now the High-Bib. They have a working prototype and are acquiring materials to begin large scale production soon. Mckelle said, “I have been using our prototype at every meal and it has worked phenomenally. Using a regular bib vs. our High-Bib has dramatically decreased the amount of time and frustration associated with meals.”

Laminated high bibThe High Bib is made of a laminated cotton fabric, which means that it is wipeable as well as machine washable, a crucial element to the design. It was designed to fit the IKEA Antelope high chair, but it can be adjusted to fit most high chairs on the market. “We created this product because we think it is the best solution to messy mealtime and we want to share the additional happiness that comes from using it.” McKelle said.

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