University Orientation: Putting the YOU in Thunder U

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Thunder U Bell tower traditionIn just a few short weeks, you will be packing up your belongings, saying goodbye to Mom and Dad and saying “Hello!” to the best four years of your life. On August 23rd, over 2000 incoming T-Birds will be flocking to SUU for Thunder U. Thunder U is an action packed 4-day course to help you transition from living at home with your family to making SUU your new home.

“Students will have the chance to experience SUU's most beloved tradition of walking under the Bell Tower... Participate in many social events such as the campus wide tie-dye dance, price is right game show, and late-night entertainment, free food, free swag, and lots of fun,” said Heather Garcia, First Year Experience Coordinator.

Tips to Make Thunder U Best Kickstart to Your College Career

Start Strong

Coming to SUU means you now have a fresh start and you can take that anywhere. This is the perfect time to be who you want to be. Do not worry about being left out or feeling different. At Thunder U there are going to hundreds of others who will feel the same. Don’t hold back, show off who you are and others will feel comfortable doing the same and next thing you know you’ll have 2,000 new friends.

Make New Friends

Thunder U will most definitely provide many opportunities to create new friendships through campus Tie-Dye, game shows, and other social events. The friends you make be so important your first few weeks of school. They will be the people you ask to grab lunch with you, share the embarrassing first day of class stories, and ask questions about SUU. The transition from home life to college life may be difficult, but that is why making friends will help ease the worries or homesickness you feel.


There is going to be so much to do at Thunder U that you will not want to miss out on anything. The Thunder U Events are designed to help you connect you to campus, current/new students and professors so you can feel confident in your first year at college. Go to the resource fair, all the social events, meet new people and obtain as much information as you can. Actively participating will set you up for a positive start to an exciting year.

Sleep A Little / Live A Little

New roommates. New friends. New campus. It's incredibly exciting! All of these new changes make for quite a bit of energy, but make sure to get some sleep during the weekend. There are going to be so many activities that you can get worn out pretty fast so give your body a few nights of good rest so you will be ready for class on Monday. But don’t miss out on adventures with your new friends or having deep conversations with your roommates even if it means staying up late a little.

The Thunderbird Life

Nothing is more exciting than taking part in the Bell Tower Tradition and becoming an official Thunderbird in front of your family, friends, and professors. As a new member of T-Bird Nation, you will wear the best SUU Gear, cheer the loudest Thunder Train at all of the athletic events, and have the most exciting experience ever. The year is going to be filled with so many activities and opportunities that are there for you to take advantage of so embrace your new life as a Thunderbird.


Starting college may be exciting, scary, happy, and even confusing as an incoming student but with Thunder U you will find that this university will be your home in time at all. You will make some of your best friends, have fun in the coolest activities, and at the end will be ready to take on SUU. You are now part of the TBird Nation. And we couldn't be more excited!

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