How To Manage an Unexpected Illness in College

Posted: February 20, 2019 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 1 minutes

Attending college is difficult no matter what. So what do you do if you’re combating a serious illness or disease? This is SUU’s guide to managing major illness in college.

1. Communicate

When your sickness turns into something much worse, it’s especially crucial to communicate with everyone. Let your roommates and resident assistant know if you’re contagious. Call your family and ask for help. Talk to your professors about any missed assignments and tests. If things take a turn for the worst, ask your professors if they recommend you continue to the end of the semester.

2. Keep a Record

When things begin to get worse, keep a log tracking your illness. Record information such as:

  • InstaCare, urgent care, and emergency room visits

  • Hospital and ICU stays

  • Prescriptions

  • School days missed

  • Diagnosis(es)

  • Hospital tests (x-rays, blood tests, scans, MRI’s, etc.)

  • Surgeries

  • Doctors notes

  • Messages with school

  • Messages with work

  • Messages with others (family, friends, roommates, etc.)

3. Take Action

Take action sooner rather than later. If your best option is to complete an emergency withdrawal you will be required to fill out a form, write a personal statement, and provide proper documentation (record) to email to The emergency withdrawal committee meets every Tuesday at 10 a.m. to review submissions through the Registrar’s Office. When these unique circumstances occur, students are able to request a refund of money and/or W’s to be expunged from their transcript.

4. Make a Plan

If you end up needing to leave school for medical reasons, SUU will be looking forward to your return. Be sure to stay on top of the registration deadlines when planning your next semester. With your advisor, decide how many courses you are ready to take.

Always take the time to evaluate what is best for you and your illness. Your personal health should always come first, and SUU is here to help you.

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