Withdrawal from the Academic Term

  • Students are permitted to withdraw totally from the academic term any time prior to finals for the semester.
  • A student withdrawing after the 14th class day of the Fall/Spring semesters will have a "W" recorded for each course for which he/she registered. For Summer term, please contact the Registrar's Office for more information regarding withdrawal dates.

Southern Utah University does not allow a student to drop or withdraw from their final course without completing a separate withdrawal request for the semester. During the first nine weeks of the semester a student may withdraw from any or all of their courses. After the ninth week a student may not withdraw from an individual course, but must withdraw completely from all of their courses for the semester.

Difference between drop and withdraw

As you consider withdrawing from Southern Utah University, it is important to be aware that your withdrawal can affect your academic, personal, and financial records and responsibilities in a variety of ways. You must review these considerations before you may begin the withdrawal process.

Review Withdrawal Considerations

Online Semester Withdrawal

Emergency Withdrawal

SUU recognizes that circumstances beyond the control of the student may so significantly impact a student’s academic work that an Emergency Withdrawal from the term is necessary. Students who encounter these circumstances may be totally withdrawn and request a refund of a portion of their tuition and fees. To make such a request a student should:

  • Complete the Emergency Withdrawal Request Form.
  • Attach a written personal statement explaining, in detail, the extenuating circumstance and the specific refund request (if a student simply wishes to withdraw without requesting a refund they may follow the instructions above under Withdrawal from the Academic Term).
  • Provide documentation of the extenuating circumstance (doctors note, police report, etc.).

A committee will review the information submitted and determine if a refund is appropriate based on the information provided, a review of student's records, and considering the circumstances of other students who have encountered similar circumstances.

Withdrawal from the semester may result in a financial obligation for the student to return a portion of any federal financial aid received. If you are considering withdrawing from the University, we strongly recommend that you first discuss the financial consequences of this action with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.