Meet Our Professors: Andrew Marvick, Art and Design

Posted: June 28, 2019 | Author: Kaylene Linford | Read Time: 1 minutes

Andrew Marvick

At the age of 14, Andrew Marvick knew art was a defining part of his life and he wanted it to be a constant factor in his life. Now as a professor at Southern Utah University, Marvick is able to share the “magic of visual culture” with his students.

After growing up in Los Angeles, Marvick earned his bachelor’s degree at Harvard University. He went on to earn two master’s degrees and his doctorate degree in art history. Before coming to SUU, Marvick taught at UCLA and various California and Oklahoma universities.

“I try to get students to discover that just because art's meaning can be subtle and hard to define doesn't mean that it isn't significant — maybe its subtlety and mystery are the very qualities that make it most meaningful,” said Marvick. “Art is our visual response to life; if you love life, you have a way into art.”

Marvick teaches the following classes at SUU:

  • ART 1010 Introduction Visual Arts
  • ART 2710 Art History Survey I
  • ART 2720 Art History Survey II
  • ART 4700 History of Graphic Design
  • ART 4750 Twentieth-Century Art
  • ART 4760 American Art
  • ART 4770 Nineteenth-Century Art
  • ART 4890 Internship
  • ART 4990 Senior Seminar

Marvick loves SUU because he enjoys hard-working students who take their studies seriously, wonderful colleagues who love their work, and the beautifully sculpted grounds. His proudest moment working for SUU is seeing his students find professional success following graduation.

“Invest the time and energy to master your field of interest,” said Marvick. "Don't expect success too quickly. Instead, take in failure and let it enrich you.”

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