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Posted: October 11, 2019 | Author: Tiago Rodrigues da Costa | Read Time: 2 minutes

IT Department group photoIn times of constant technological change, the Information Technology Department at Southern Utah University has grown to sustain the demand on campus. The IT Department provides and maintains network equipment, servers, and enterprise software, supports faculty and staff computers, supports student lab computers and equipment, and maintains the SUU website, among other services. 

With Chief Information Officer Matt Zufelt at the helm, the IT Department is divided into five branches: Administrative Systems, Operations, Academic Computing, Security and Web Services. Overall the IT Department includes 28 employees, with four working remotely.

  • The Administrative Systems team’s programmers and analysts maintain Banner and integrations with enterprise data systems. Led by director Parker Grimes, the team includes April Sims, Bryce Caine, Brandon Rasmussen, Dion Munk, Nathan Jones, John Lisonbee, and Ethan Kleinman.
  • The Operations team maintains the network equipment and servers that run enterprise software systems. Led by assistant director Josh Foremaster, the team includes Jim Shakespear, Alex Boehmer, James Matthews, Barbara Brown, and Jerry Carpenter.
  • The Academic Computing team supports end-user devices and applications for faculty/staff departments, student computing, and classroom mediation technology. Led by assistant director Larry Gardner, the team includes Chris Wolf, James Loveland, Jason Davis, Jason Munford, Jeremy Martin, and Karson Rasmussen.
  • The Security team analyzes and maintains systems to report security alerts, prevents data breaches, and audits policies and procedures to maintain and improve the security of our systems. The team includes director Mark Walton and Shaun Stapley.
  • The Web Services team maintains and directs the SUU owned websites to ensure up-to-date content and to fill the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and the university. Led by director Jill Whitaker, the team includes Jacob Ward, Mark Whittaker, and Mike Lindberg. 

Most of the IT Department’s interaction with campus is indirect, with IT students having the most direct contact at the Help Desk in Student Center and the Library. In the past year, the IT Help Desk students closed almost 40% of the tickets in the support system. 

“Many people think that IT people are anti-social and just want to stay behind our computer all day,” said Jim Shakespear, systems administrator. “But our IT staff enjoy getting out and frequently walk in groups down to get drinks at the C store and chat with many other people along the way.”

Next time you are in need of anything tech-related, stop by the Help Desk in the Sharwan Smith Student Center (Room 107), email, or find more at


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