Why Should I Study Education at SUU?

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Study Education at SUUThe always-changing field of education is in great need of enthusiastic, qualified teachers. Southern Utah University stays with the times by creating relevant curriculum, and offering valuable experiences to equip future teachers with the tools needed to successfully begin their career.

Benefits of Studying Education at SUU

Education Specific Scholarships

There are a variety of education-specific scholarships available through the College of Education & Human Development and many of these scholarships often go unused. These include Utah specific scholarships, such as the T. H. Bell Teaching Incentive. Contact the College of Education for more information, deadlines, and application instructions.

Variety of Practicums

SUU’s practicums begin early in the program and continue in nearly every course until student teaching. SUU students get exposure to a variety of school districts, sizes, and types in their practicum experience.

Each fall, Professor John Meisner brings several of his students to Jordan High School for a week-long teaching experience with a mentor teacher, a valuable experience for a future teacher.

“I got experience working out of my comfort zone,” one student said about the Jordan High practicum. “It’s a new location, new students, new colleagues, and a new curriculum. I had to learn how to be a teacher while also figuring all of these things out.”

“I think it was extremely valuable to get consistent teaching and planning experience,” another student said. “It made me feel more confident and prepared for student teaching.”

Community Partnerships

SUU’s College of Education & Human Development partners with several organizations including Iron County School District, Art Works for Kids, Utah Arts Council, U.S. Forest and Park Service, SUU Outdoor initiative, Southwest Education Development Center K-16 Regional Alliance, and many others to provide opportunities for their students beyond campus.

Involvement Through Clubs

SUU’s Education Club provides a space for future teachers to collaborate and make friends. The Education Club hosts several events throughout the year including a Professional Teacher Fashion Show, and recruitment events at local high schools.

Intensive Student Teaching

Student teaching is a college-supervised experience that is all day, every school day for one semester (Fall or Spring). It takes place during the student’s final semester at SUU, and leads to both their degree, and their Utah State Board of Education (USBE) license. Students will be paired with a master, mentor teacher who will work, co-teach, and supervise them throughout the semester.

“When I started my student teaching I was so excited to be done,” said one student teacher. “But now that the end is here, I am actually sad. I am going to really miss the students. I guess this is a good sign that I picked the correct career.”

“Student teaching solidified my desire to be a teacher, and I am so excited to see what the future holds!” said another student teacher.

Relevant Curriculum for the 21st Century

The College of Education has put together a strong curriculum taught by even stronger professors that will prepare students for the realities of teaching in the 21st century. All education students take courses such as Educating Exceptional Students (SPED 3030) and Schools, Society, and Diversity (EDUC 3400) to help prepare them to confidently enter the classroom.

Pathways for Endorsements and Dual Licensure

Degree endorsements and dual licensure provide additional qualifications and specializations for future teachers. These endorsements help teachers gain more opportunities, stand out, and move up the pay scale.

SUU’s Department of Teacher Education offers students the opportunity to major in elementary education or secondary education. With a variety of courses, endorsements, and emphases, SUU graduates are set apart from others in the hiring process. Learn more about SUU’s Department of Teacher Education & Family Development.

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