How to Transfer to be an Online Student

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how to transfer to be an online studentLife can take many twists and turns making attending traditional college more difficult. There are many reasons why a student might want to switch from on-campus to online classes. It might be the flexibility and affordability that comes with online classes. If you are a new or current student with a job, family, no longer live near campus, or just want convenience, online schooling could be a solution for you.

How Online School is Different

In an online class, students and professors could have a specific time that they meet online with a live lecture that students participate in. Another option is that the course material is always available with no set time to meet. There could be pre-recorded lectures, assignments, and tests.

Online school covers the same material as traditional school. As an online student, students still talk to professors and ask them questions. And communicate and collaborate with other students as well. Students still have textbooks, essays, exams, and assignments, just like on-campus classes.
Although there may be different ways the material is studied or covered, students will learn the same core information, techniques, and material. Discussion boards are commonly used in online courses to increase student participation and collaboration.

Steps for Transferring to Online

Here are some steps to consider when transferring from traditional on-campus classes to online school

  1. Plan ahead and watch for deadlines
  2. Do your research and make sure the major you want is offered online
  3. See how your credits will transfer
  4. Communicate with the school and contact an admissions advisor
  5. Submit an application
How to Adjust to Online School

Once admitted as an online student, you may need help adjusting to a new learning style and environment. These few tips could help you better adjust to online learning:

  • Focus on communication
  • Plan out your day
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Go outside
  • Make studying a priority
  • Take breaks
  • Create a study area
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay engaged with family and friends
Resources for Online Students

Students should reach out to an academic advisor or a member of the online admissions team to help with the process of transferring from on-campus to online. Southern Utah University’s Online Advisors can be contacted at (435) 865-8665 or through SUU Online.

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