10 Tips for Attending Virtual Office Hours

Posted: September 01, 2020 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 2 minutes

How to prep for virtual office hours with your professorMany things will look different this semester, including professor office hours. Some of your professors might choose to hold office hours in an online format this semester. Be prepared to make the most of it with these ten tips for attending virtual office hours:

Wherever you’re located, sit up like you would in a physical office. It’s okay if you’re sitting on your bed or on the couch, just don’t lay down.

Pick a location for your virtual meeting with minimal background noise. You can even use headphones to help reduce distractions and background noise.

Try to look nice. You don’t need to dress up, but avoid pajamas and bed-head. Wear something you would wear to class.

Having a notebook and writing utensil on hand to take notes during your meeting is a great way to be organized and professional.

If applicable, have your questions ready before the meeting. Writing down your questions can help you stay organized and make the most of your professor’s time.

Take advantage of the one-on-one time with your professor. Don’t worry about inconveniencing them- this time is set aside specifically for students.

Log into your online call on time the same way you would arrive on time for office hours. This shows your professors a level of professionalism and respect.

Before logging onto your video call, turn on the camera to check the angle and the background. The background doesn’t have to be pristine, just try to hide dirty laundry, unmade beds, etc. You can also add a virtual background on Zoom calls to hide your in-person surroundings.

If you’re using your phone to dial in to your video call, somehow mount your device to avoid making your professor dizzy from excessive camera movement.

During a short video chat, like office hours, don’t eat or drink during the call. Use the time to focus on the professor and whatever task may be at hand.

“I love chatting with students during office hours— both in-person or virtual,” said Dr. Brianne Kramer, assistant professor of teacher education. “It’s the time that we set aside to help our students with material in the class, or to have some interesting conversations about the material we’ve been learning. We are here to help you— especially in these uncertain times. Don’t hesitate to attend office hours for help!”

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