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Entry-level jobs for college graduatesFor college students, getting your first job after graduating with a bachelor’s degree is a daunting task. Oftentimes, the first “real” job graduates get is going to be the hardest to obtain. However, by being consistent in job searching, and starting early, the task of getting hired becomes much easier.

One of the mistakes students make when looking for their first job in their field is searching for positions that require more experience, or expecting to get their dream job right after graduation. In these cases, you will have more success searching for entry-level positions that require little or no experience. In many fields, entry-level positions will contain the word “assistant,” or a similar word indicating the level of the position.

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication

Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Family Life and Human Development

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Bachelor’s Degree in History

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing


In addition to these entry-level positions, it might also be helpful to pursue internships in your chosen career field. Internships often require no work experience whatsoever, and have multiple positions available. However, internships are sometimes unpaid which can be a turn-off to many graduating students. Nevertheless, they can be great stepping stones to full-time employment.

Graduate Programs and Professional Programs

Another option in place of pursuing full-time positions is obtaining a master’s degree. Some professions, like law, require professional degrees such as a Juris Doctorate in order to practice. The same principle applies to medical fields. Do research in your field to determine if you require a professional degree before entering the workforce.

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