Elementary Education

The Teacher Education faculty at Southern Utah University decry inequity and injustice in our educational system and greater society. We commit to developing and nurturing educators who value all people in the communities they serve. Such professional educators will act as agents of change, advocate for equity and justice in their schools and communities, and will embolden students to do the same.  

Students interested in teaching in the elementary schools of Utah (grades K-8) can complete coursework leading to an Elementary Education degree (major) with licensure eligibility in the State of Utah. License programs offered are K-6 or 1-8 grade levels. Interested students are required to complete the Elementary Education degree program and the associated coursework respective to the license they are seeking. In addition, a minimum of 30 semester hours of professional education coursework and a student teaching placement must be completed in the Department of Teacher Education and Human Development. For students wishing to earn a Math Middle School endorsement grades 7 and 8, please contact an education Academic Advisor for course sequencing. A Utah teaching license has reciprocity with nearly all other states and territories in the United States.

Students accepted to COEHD after January 1, 2020, will need to take and pass a teacher performance assessment during their student teaching semester before recommended for licensure. This assessment will replace the teacher work sample and students will be prepared during courses and required class workshops.

A minor is not required for Licensure in the State of Utah. It is suggested that anyone wanting to complete a minor meet with an Education Advisor.

Elementary Education students can also select to complete a dual licensure program in conjunction with their Elementary Education degree in Special Education (K-12) or an endorsement for English as a Second Language (K-12).

Please see College Admissions page for admission information

For more information about the program, please see our Undergraduate Teacher Ed Program Handbook

Elementary Block courses and Student Teaching placements will be offered in the Fall and Spring semesters only. The College of Education will register all students for the Elementary Block and Student Teaching.

Elementary Block requirements:

  • Students must have completed all university general education core requirements and elementary education requirements.
  • Students must submit an Elementary Block Application.
  • Students must be admitted to the College of Education and have a current background check on file with the State of Utah.

Online Education Program

The Elementary Education degree is now offered online. Our traditional face to face program will remain the same and students interested in the 100% online program can earn degree virtually. This program is accredited and includes the same academic standards, objectives, and quality expected from our on-campus tradition face to face students. The 100% online format allows for a rigorous experience and the opportunity to focus on family and part-time work simultaneously. Students can attend full time or part time and finish in as few as 3 years. Earn an ESL, Math Ed, or Library Media endorsement; complete a dual-licensure program in special education; and even bridge 12 ESL, EFP, or Special Ed credits into a master’s degree. When students in the 100% online program apply to the teacher education program, the application process will be slightly different. Applicants need to provide letter of support from a local K-6 school that will allow them to complete practicum assignments. For more information click on the following link: https://info.suu.edu/online-bsee/



Minor/Dual Licensure



Recommended Bridge Options

Get Graduate credit while finishing your undergrad!

Bridge options are available for some of our endorsements, which can then be used as your elective credits when you come back to SUU for your Masters of Education.

We currently offer bridge options in:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Special Education

Talk to your advisor on how to apply and for more information.