Where Do I Go if I'm Struggling in Class?

Posted: September 23, 2019 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 3 minutes

student and professor at rock lecture hallCollege is difficult, it’s no secret. Seeking extra help when you’re struggling is encouraged, and Southern Utah University has several convenient resources available. Here are eight places to go if you’re struggling in class.

The Nest

The Nest (ST 178) is SUU’s student help center created to answer any questions you may have, point you in the right direction, give you advice, a place to do homework and relax, and a one-stop-shop for all of your needs. Learn more about The Nest.

Writing Center

The Writing Center (BC 101) offers assistance for all writing assignments including essays of any topic, lab reports, creative writing, etc. 30 tutors and 20 fellows work in the Writing Center, representing a variety of majors. The Writing Center’s recently remodeled space, based entirely upon research in design theory and other writing centers, hosted over 6,000 student tutoring sessions last year.  

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center (ELC 204) offers tutoring for students in any course. Tutoring sessions are available by walk-in, one-on-one, group, and online. The Tutoring Center is currently home to 39 competent tutors who major in a wide variety of subjects. Here are seven ways to take advantage of your time in the Tutoring Center.

Speech & Presentation Center

The Speech & Presentation Center (ST 205 H) is a unique component of SUU’s tutoring services. The Center’s 13 employees are trained to help students with speech delivery and presentation anxiety. They will provide honest feedback and helpful tips to help you conquer your next presentation.

Language Lab

SUU’s foreign language courses all offer individualized tutoring, labs, and conversation tables weekly in the Languages and Logic Lab (GC 104). Find schedules and tutors on the French, German, and Spanish websites. 


The Gerald R. Sherratt Library is staffed with an excellent group of librarians who are more than happy to help you with anything from finding research materials, to finalizing your essay. Additionally, the library has several studying spaces available for students, and supplementary resources to help you succeed. 

Professor’s Office Hours

Each professor at SUU has office hours specifically set aside to help students with course material, go through assignments, provide guidance, etc. You can find each professor’s office hours in their course syllabus. Learn more about how and why you should utilize a professor’s office hours

Other Classmates

Another great way to seek help for a specific course is to reach out to your fellow classmates. Setting times to meet up and study, swapping notes, and studying together before a test are great ways to catch up if you’re falling behind. Get in touch with classmates either in person or under the “People” section in Canvas. 


SUU equips its students with a variety of advisors, all trained and willing to help you with anything. Student Success Advisors (Academic Advisors), and ACES (Assistant Coaches for Excellence & Success) are excellent people to reach out to for additional guidance and resources. Read up on how your student success advisor can help you

Good study habits will also help improve academic performance if you’re struggling in class. You’ll need to dedicate hours to studying, researching, and learning your chosen major in order to become an expert in your field — but this doesn’t need to be a daunting task — try out these study tips from current college students

Learn more about SUU’s Campus Resources and Services.

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