5 Things You Should Know Before Taking Summer Courses

Posted: January 19, 2021 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 1 minutes

What to know before taking summer courses in collegeBefore you register for courses this summer, here are five things you should know about summer semesters at Southern Utah University:

1. Modalities

Summer semester has been structurally expanded to include more online and face-to-face courses. This gives students more opportunities to customize their degree to match their academic and career goals. Depending on where a student is in their degree, they can complete a full course load online, face-to-face, or do a mixture of both.

2. Instruction

At other universities, the summer semesters might be a few weeks shorter than the fall and spring semesters. At SUU, instructional days in the summer semester match that of spring semester and exceed that of fall semester. There is also no finals week during the summer semester. Any final exams or presentations are built into the instructional calendar.

3. Student Life

Because of the Bachelor’s Degree in Three initiative, SUU’s campus has expanded it’s summer events and activities to mirror the campus experience during the fall and spring semesters. Not only does Student Programming Board work to create events and activities during the summer semester, but Cedar City also offers many larger events. 

4. Class Size

SUU already has small class sizes year-round, but during the summer class sizes are even smaller. This means more individualized instruction from professors, more housing options on and off-campus, and shorter lines at Chick-Fil-A.

5. Offerings

Currently about half of the courses in SUU’s degree programs are available in the summer. This includes a mix of upper and lower-division courses along with the full General Education course offerings. More upper-division courses will be added to the summer semester catalog in the coming years.


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