Benefits of a Summer Internship vs. Spring or Fall

Posted: March 30, 2021 | Author: Kierstin Pitcher-Holloway | Read Time: 2 minutes

Benefits of fall, spring and summer internships for college studentsSummer internships are a classic staple to any undergraduate degree, but the world of higher education is changing to accommodate the diverse needs of students. Consequently, fall and spring internships are becoming just as common as summer internships for college students.

Programs like Southern Utah University’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree provide students with an option to fast track to their degree, and increases the flexibility of their college experience. With this flexibility, students wanting to intern during college aren’t limited to summer internships.

As you decide whether a fall, spring, or summer internship is right for you, consider the benefits of interning during each semester.

Pros of a Fall or Spring Internship

Still Work Summer Job

Many college students spend their summers working and saving money to pay for expenses like food and housing during the upcoming fall and spring semesters. This makes the idea of spending time completing an unpaid internship seem unappealing to some. However, interning during the fall or spring semesters eliminates this dilemma, allowing students the time to intern and earn money from a summer job.

More Personal Time

Summer is a great time for trips and adventures with family and friends. Given the short timeline of internships it can be harder to take time off, but interning in the fall or spring makes it easier to enjoy a much needed personal or vacation time during the summer.

Study Abroad During the Summer

If there is a study abroad program offered in the summer that you find interesting, not having to choose between completing an internship or that particular program can be a huge benefit.

Pros of a Summer Internship

Less Competition for Local Internships

If you are planning on taking advantage of SUU’s Three-Year Degree program, and interning in the southern Utah area while simultaneously taking classes then you may have a better chance at securing a position in the summer. The decrease in student population during the summer naturally eliminates a lot of the competition for the limited amount of student internships in the area.

Outdoor Internships

Students pursuing a degree in outdoor recreation, and other students interested in outdoor internships are going to have more options during the summer semester.

More Opportunities

A number of companies only offer internships during the summer months, students looking to intern with specific organizations may prefer the summer internship opportunities.


SUU Student Success Advisor Magnum Morgan recommends that students look into all options for internships, including working with their professors and advisor in securing college credit for their internships. Students often underestimate how many options they have or how many positions are applicable for internship credit.

Whatever the semester, internships make valuable additions to any educational career. They provide students the chance to build real-world skills while in school and open potential career opportunities.

When searching for, applying to, and choosing between fall, spring or summer internships it can help to know what to look for, here are a few rules to live by when making internship decisions.

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