The Anatomy of a Great Study Session

Posted: May 28, 2021 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 3 minutes

Anatomy of a Great Study SessionA great study session is essential to a great college experience. A college student couldn't survive without figuring out how to have a great study session and hopefully, this article will help you do just that. When realizing that a study session is so vital to the survival of a college student's success a sense of urgency must be internalized.

As we discuss the anatomy of a great study session, becoming self-aware of what you can improve upon can be very helpful. We will talk about getting organized, note-taking, eliminating distractions, using professors' office hours, and allowing yourself to take breaks. Each of these will allow you to understand how your study sessions can become stronger and better serve you.

Get Organized

Becoming organized is the equivalent of eating healthy, it allows everything to run smoothly. Your ability to figure out what is essential and filter your work allows you to focus on what matters. Organization will also help relieve stress and anxiety.

To help prioritize your work, one of the best tools you can use is the syllabus that is provided in each class. Make sure you digest the information and understand what the professor is looking for and your goals for the class. This can help organize your study sessions into the most helpful pieces of time you spend in college.

Create a Pattern of Note Taking

Establishing patterns helps with a sense of resilience and strength. Just as a good workout routine helps the body enter a pattern, studying and note-taking in a certain pattern helps in higher education. Within the realm of note-taking, writing down the vocab words or paraphrasing what the professor says are two options to start with. Overall, being consistent is more important than anything else.

Eliminate Distractions

One of the biggest difficulties of studying is constant distractions. Whether it's focusing with music in your ears, setting up a place that is just for studying, or having a specific time of day you study, find something that helps you eliminate your distractions. Once you have the pattern of eliminating distractions your ability to study more efficiently will greatly increase.

Use Professors Office Hours and Tutoring Systems

Two of the best ways to progress your study sessions are by utilizing the professor's office hours and the university’s free tutoring systems. Both can benefit your grades and enhance your knowledge of the material that's covered in the course. To find the times that you can go and use your professor's office hours are usually printed in your syllabus, so make sure you get familiar with your syllabus. Another great way to improve your study sessions is by signing up for the university’s free tutoring programs. Contact your school and figure out where and when these are available for you.

Take Breaks

The final way to help your studying sessions is by taking breaks and resting. Just as sleeping helps your body reset and become more focused for the next day, taking breaks during studying sessions will allow you to reset your mind to continue studying with focus. It is necessary to allow yourself many small breaks during the sessions to retain information in a more fulfilling way.


Figuring out how your study sessions can be adapted to increase their effectiveness takes work, but it’s worth it. Try each of these tactics and figure out what works best for you to create a great study session.

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