How to Start a Career in Arts Administration

Posted: May 12, 2021 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 4 minutes

How to start a career in Arts AdministrationMany individuals who pursue a career in the arts administration field are looking for a stable job that allows them to embrace their own artistic abilities and loves. Finding a career providing support to artistic activities and endeavors can be challenging, but is worth the time and effort.

As we talk about how to get a career in arts administration there are a few things to consider including what types of jobs you can get in the arts administration realm, the salaries that accompany this career choice, as well as if you feel this line of work is something you love.

To understand what you will be getting yourself into, Southern Utah University defines this line of work as balancing the artistic goals and integrity with the economic sustainability and administrative systems of arts organizations. Fundraising, marketing, and community outreach are all examples of arts administration.

Plan for Your Career

When planning for the future, focus on where you want to go and how you want to get there and incorporate your talents, strengths, and ideas. Figuring out these attributes will allow you to take the steps needed to build these skills. Knowing where you want to go can help you figure out larger life goals and plan your career in arts administration. One of the strongest steps someone can take in the field of Arts Administration is entering graduate school. Doing this will allow you to go further in your career.

Getting Experience

Internships and volunteering in the arts can not only help you build experience in your field, but can also be a major step to finding a career in arts administration. Many employers prefer candidates to have work experience that is relevant to the field and internships or volunteering can offer just that.

Another benefit of getting an internship or working as a volunteer is the chance to learn if a career in arts administration is for you and something that you want to keep pursuing. Using this time to better understand the field and career choice can be a major help.

Learn to Network

Another great opportunity that comes from experience is the chance to network with others in the line of work. Networking is an extremely useful tool when looking for new job options or moving up in the arts administration field. The main point of networking in the community is to get to know other individuals and after making those connections, they may be able to help you further your career or provide you with invaluable experiences and resources. This can show you what steps you need to take to reach the level in the field you would like to achieve.

Developing Skills

The ability to develop skills that you need to perform well at your job can also help you start your career in arts administration. As we've discussed experience as well as networking, can help you develop the skills you need to get a job in this career. Another step you can take to help you build your repertoire is to earn a master's degree in arts administration.

Applying for Jobs

The simplest but most essential step to starting a career in the arts administration industry, and any industry, is the act of applying for jobs. When one is looking to start a career in any field it is essential to apply for jobs even if you have doubts if you will get them. Fortune favors the bold and that is the absolute truth with job opportunities. Working hard will be essential to finding a job you enjoy but that is something that should be fulfilling and rewarding.


Forging a path in your own arts administration is something that takes work and dedication but is worth the effort. Looking to start a career in arts administration starts with a degree, and the best place to get this degree is Southern Utah University. They offer competitive tuition prices and allow you to obtain your entire degree completely online. If you are interested contact SUU’s Arts Administration program.

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