What is Homecoming and How Do I Participate?

Posted: September 16, 2021 | Author: Lyndsey Nelson | Read Time: 2 minutes

How to participate in Homecoming as a current studentFor many universities, homecoming is a time-honored tradition that sets the tone for the rest of the school year, but as a university student it can be hard to know the best way to get involved with your university’s homecoming traditions. Here are a few ways to participate in Homecoming traditions in college.

1. Get to Know your Homecoming Schedule

At the beginning of the year, your university should release a schedule of all of the homecoming events taking place during homecoming week. While the schedule may be overwhelming at first, remember that you are not expected, and in many cases may not be able to, attend every event. Instead, pick a few events that interest you most and put them in your calendar.

2. Join a Club

Homecoming is about celebrating your university community, so homecoming events are a great way to get to know new people on campus and to make friends. Consider joining a club and attending their homecoming events. For example, Southern Utah University’s Student Association hosts a game night during homecoming week for all students to attend and attendance is a great way to get involved in a low stakes environment.

If the clubs that interest you aren’t hosting events, consider getting a group of friends together to attend events collectively. It may seem intimidating to attend some of these events, but a group of friends makes everything easier and will help you get more connected to your campus community!

3. Join the Student Section at Football Games

One of the highlights of university homecoming week is the big football game. Don’t forget to cheer on your classmates alongside alumni, family and friends, and your fellow students by attending your homecoming football game and cheering on your team with the rest of your community!

Joining the student section is also an awesome opportunity to learn about school cheers and traditions that you can become involved in, and don’t forget to get there early to join the tailgate. Many universities and clubs have food and opportunities to get involved with clubs at the tailgate, so coming early to the game is a great way to celebrate homecoming.

4. Complete University Traditions

Every university is unique and has a unique set of traditions, many of which likely take place during homecoming. For example, True T-Bird night is a homecoming tradition at Southern Utah University for students to prove their commitment to the university. Be it ghost sightings, dares, or even cheers at the football game, homecoming is the perfect time to participate in university traditions and become connected to the history of your campus.


Attending homecoming in college looks a lot different than homecoming in high school, but with a full week of festivities and celebrations, university homecoming is the perfect time to get to know your campus and your community and to learn more about the university you’re attending. For more information about SUU’s homecoming schedule and traditions, visit SUU’s Homecoming website.

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