Meet SUU’s Resident Assistants for 2021-2022

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Meet SUU's RAs for the 2021-2022 academic yearResident Assistants, or RAs, are essential to the college experience of living on campus. The RAs host things like floor meetings and community-building events to create a positive living environment, and they conduct room checks and enforce housing rules to create a healthy living environment. Each year brings in a new group, below are the RAs at Southern Utah University for the 2021-2022 school year.

Cedar North Resident Assistants

Asher Swiss (he/him/his)
freshman ~ communication ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

“Hey guys! I hope you all had a great summer and are excited to start school again. My name is Asher and I’m your RA! I’m here to plan fun events, make sure everything is running smoothly on the floor and most importantly, meet all of you! I can’t wait to get to know all of you and hopefully we can become great friends throughout the course of the year!”

“Hi! I'm Olga. Some of my favorite things to do in my free time are reading, listening to music (all kinds, no preference really), binge-watching Netflix shows, midnight drives, and stargazing. One piece of advice I'd give to incoming students is to get as involved as possible, go to games, activities, and clubs; all the fun aspects of college.”

Jordan Eveleth
sophomore ~ theatre arts

Cedar South Resident Assistants

Jewell Tovar PictureJewell Tovar (she/her/hers)
junior ~ secondary mathematics education ~ Ogden, Utah

“I became an RA because I had a rough first semester of college. My mental health went downhill really fast because of everything on my plate: dealing with roommate drama, friend drama, learning to live on my own, being away from my family for the first time, and managing my school work. I felt like I was alone while going through all of this. I don't want anyone to feel the same way I did. Sometimes having just one person that you know you can talk to and that cares about you can make a huge difference.”

Bridger Hildreth
sophomore ~ computer science

Lauren Larson
freshman ~ studio arts

Ponderosa Terrace Resident Assistants

Sam PictureSamantha (Sam) Nielsen (she/her/hers)
junior ~ biology and sustainability studies ~ Riverside, California

“I picked SUU because it was close enough to my family (but far enough to gain some independence!) I became an RA because I wanted to meet and help others through their years here at SUU. Right now my plan is to graduate in 2023, travel a bit, then work at a zoo or in a lab! One thing I would want incoming students to know is that it is okay to ask for help! There are so many people here that genuinely want to help you succeed (RAs, professors, counselors, etc.).”

Founders Hall Resident Assistants

Sergio PictureSergio Reyescordova (he/him/his)
junior ~ mechanical engineering and computer science ~ Tooele, Utah

“I became an RA to make sure students have the best year they can possibly have for living on campus. I want to make sure they know they have a friend they can come to if they ever need anything. I love interacting and meeting new people so a job like this makes college a lot more fun!”


Tessa Smith Picture

Tessa Smith (she/her/hers)
sophomore ~ nursing & psychology ~ Skagit Valley, WA

“I choose to be an RA because I just enjoy helping people. I love meeting and getting to know everyone I can and just learning as much as I can! After graduation, I plan to join the Peace Corps for about a year and travel with them as an RN. Then continue my education to become a trauma nurse. I picked SUU just because honestly I could afford it and the outdoors around the school are just incredible. I love to do anything outdoors, especially mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking. One thing I'd like incoming students to know, and encourage them to do is, be themselves. Be unapologetically you, because we are all trying to figure out life/adulthood and we're all going to make mistakes, so don't try to fit into a specific mold you think you might need to. It'll make your time at SUU so much better.”

Kyler Harrison (he/him/his)
sophomore ~ political science ~ Fillmore, Utah

“Freshman students, living on campus is one of the coolest opportunities. While living on campus you can make countless, yet meaningful friendships. If I had one thing to tell you, I would say GET INVOLVED. Go to events, talk to students, and give everyone a chance! There is so much you can learn from every single person.”

Jaycie Stewart PictureJaycie Stewart (she/her/hers)
freshman ~ musical theatre ~ Orem, Utah

“I love theatre, singing, dancing, reading, watching Disney movies, and playing board games. I came to SUU because of the great programs and the great people here. I love how everyone is so friendly and nice! Being an RA this year is super exciting because I get to meet so many amazing people. I want all of the incoming students to know that they are not alone and that there are so many awesome ways to be involved with the school. Let's have a great year!”

Eccles A (Honors) Resident Assistants

Jaci Peterson PictureJaci Peterson (she/her/hers)
senior ~ accounting ~ West Valley City, Utah

“One of the main reasons that I chose SUU was because of the activities that are available both on and off campus, especially because of how close many of the National Parks are. I also came because the business program has a lot of alumni support and has a high job placement rate. One thing that I would like incoming students to know about living on campus is how important it is to get involved in on-campus and housing activities to build relationships with their peers.”

Maegann Crocker PictureMaegann Crocker (she/her/hers)
sophomore ~ pre-nursing ~ Beaver, Utah and Levelland, Texas

“My goal in life is to one day become a Registered Nurse, ideally specializing in pediatric oncology or labor and delivery. I would also love the opportunity to travel the world and get to know cultures outside of my own."

Eccles B Resident Assistants

Kati Hulick PictureKati Hulick (she/her/hers)
sophomore ~ family life and human development, dance ~ Houston, Texas and Provo, Utah

“Hey Howdy! I am the RA on the outdoor adventure floor which is perfect because I love everything outdoors. Some of my favorite activities include hiking, hammocking, dancing, and eating copious amounts of ice cream. My life plan is to go to grad school to be a social worker to work in the foster system. My proudest accomplishment is probably that I can lick my elbow which makes my coolness factor go up by at least seven points. The best advice I would give to incoming freshmen would be to get involved on campus and go to as many events as you can, it makes school SO much more fun! Go T-Birds!”

Kyle Lambdin PictureKyle Lambdin (he/him/his)
senior ~ accounting and business management ~ Northern Virginia

“Hello, my name is Kyle Lambdin, I am the Eccles B300 Leadership Floor RA! I am super excited for the school year and for the fun opportunities that are in store. Coming to SUU has been one of the best decisions of my life because I have made lifelong friendships and have grown so much within my respected field (accounting and business management). Aside from my studies, I am a singer/songwriter, a certified tennis professional and pickleball coach, and I enjoy spending time outdoors. If I had to give one piece of advice to new incoming students who are planning to live on-campus it would be to make your dorm your home away from home and genuinely take the time to get to know your roommates. Fostering a community within your suite and on your floor is critical to a happy home life. As we all go throughout this school year, just remember: "Good Vibes, All Day- Everyday!" Go T-Birds!”

Reed Hammond
sophomore ~ psychology

Eccles C Resident Assistants

Adrienne Crawford Adrienne Crawford (she/her/hers)
junior ~ exercise science ~ Muskegon, Michigan

“I am Adrienne! I became an RA because I thought it was an awesome opportunity to meet new people and to help myself and others be more involved here at SUU. I love to watch movies, bake, and go on hikes.”


Tia Sorenson Tia Sorensen (she/her/hers)
sophomore ~ nutrition ~ Ogden, Utah

“Hey everyone! I love SUU especially because of all the amazing outdoor activities nearby! I like to hike, boulder, and ski so SUU was a perfect fit for me. After SUU I plan on attending graduate school and becoming a physician’s assistant!”


 Steven MaldonadoSteven Maldonado (he/him/his)
sophomore ~ mechanical engineering ~ Salt Lake City, Utah and Jalisco, Mexico

“I became an RA because of the role model my first-year RA represented to me. I also became an RA because of the connections and experiences you can help others create during their first, and probably hardest, year. I loved the opportunity to work as a leader and to become a role model for others.”

 Ryder Vance freshman ~ biology

Windsor Court Resident Assistants

Eliza CorringtonEliza Corrington (she/her/hers)
junior ~ mechanical engineering and theatre arts ~ Syracuse, Utah

“I’ve spent most of my life being a leader and mentoring people. Why not help make a campus resident’s life more awesome? I would like incoming students to know that prioritizing yourself first as a human being and second as a student will save your life, sometimes literally. Get 7-9 hours of sleep (seriously), go to the university activities because they are so much fun and you can make many friends, and plan out your day because it helps everything. Don’t beat yourself up; pick yourself up.”

Hannah Fairbanks (she/her/hers)
freshman ~ exploratory studies ~ Vineyard, Utah

“I love to hangout with friends, watch Disney movies, be outside, go on hikes, play sports, and watch sports! One reason I decided to come to SUU was because of all of the outdoor activities we have so close to us. I am excited to get to know everyone this year!”

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