How To Find Student Housing in Cedar City

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Housing options at SUUYou’ve applied, been accepted, and now you’re enrolled at Southern Utah University. The next step is to find a place to live in Cedar City. Whether you choose to live on or off campus, here is information to help you find student housing at SUU.

What on-campus housing options are available at SUU?

SUU's residence halls are designed to offer the best college experience possible and each one is tailored to different students' needs, so you're sure to feel comfortable. SUU’s on-campus housing includes 17 common areas, events and activities, and Learning Communities to allow students to study and connect with one another.

When you live on campus at SUU, school buildings and events are only a 1-10 minute walk away. You'll have convenient access to nearby retailers and campus resources (and the best parking lots).

SUU’s University Housing strives to provide safe, clean, and comfortable living conditions, as well as a learning environment that promotes maturity, supports academics, and enhances personal growth. For more information regarding on-campus housing, contact University Housing at 435-586-7966 or

SUU Housing Application Deadline

There is no deadline to apply for housing, but SUU’s on-campus housing fills up fast every year. Once you have committed to SUU, it is best to submit a housing application right away. Apply for SUU student housing.

SUU Student Housing Costs

Housing costs vary by the residence hall and the room type. Learn more about each of SUU’s on-campus housing options, the costs, and other benefits.

RAs at SUU

The resident assistant or RAs are role models for first-year students living in on-campus housing. They assist students with the transition to a college environment and promote involvement, living environment satisfaction and personal growth for their residents.

As a student in on-campus housing, your RA might help you with referrals for assistance and resources on campus and ensure the living environment is conducive to academic success. They also monitor the floor to ensure that University Housing policies are followed.

What off-campus student housing options are available in Cedar City?

Once on-campus housing fills, the next best option for students at SUU is the many off-campus housing options in Cedar City. With only a few hundred beds available in on-campus housing, the majority of students choose off-campus housing while attending SUU.

Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing is a great alternative for students unable to receive on-campus housing. Instead of a Resident Assistant (RA) most apartment complexes have an on-site property manager and most student housing apartments are near SUU or within a few miles.

Off-Campus Housing Costs

Costs vary depending on each property. Some apartments allow students to pay per semester while others pay per month. Some student apartments require tenants to pay for utilities - gas, power, water - while others include those expenses in the monthly rent. Other amenities such as furniture, free internet and on-site laundry facilities all affect the price.

SUU Student Housing Finder

SUU has centralized off-campus housing options to help students find the perfect home away from home. However, SUU has not visited, guaranteed, or certified the quality and living conditions of the listed housing. Students should visit, view, and meet with the property manager before renting.

To find a place to live in Cedar City, visit the SUU Off-Campus Housing Finder

If you live in Cedar City and have a room or property available for rent, please contact Parent and Family Services to add your information to the list.

Should I live on or off campus?

Living on or off campus is up to personal preference and decisions should be made after informing yourself of the options that are available. A common perspective is that most first-year students should consider living on campus for their freshman year. On-campus housing is closer to the university and provides easy access to resources for a student making the transition from home.

Once students have built a familiarity with the community and with the typical routine of a university student, then living on campus can become less of a necessity. Living off campus can allow a student to expand their independence and learn more about living free of support.


While there are many options for SUU student housing, make sure securing housing is at the top of your list. The on-campus housing options fill up fast and you’ll want to stay ahead of the game to live where you prefer.

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