University Housing

University Housing

COVID-19 Updates

Hours: M-F, 8am - 5pm

Contact Us:

Phone: (435) 586-7966

How we can still help you:

We are available for all students by phone and in person while students are still living on campus. If you have any questions or concerns regarding university housing, please let us know!

Why University Housing?

University Housing gives students a variety of benefits. Take some time to learn about the residence halls, Learning Communities, and dining options.

Housing Check-ins

Thur, Sept. 3, 2020 1pm-8pm
3rd floors:

  • Eccles A300, B300, C300
  • Cedar North 1300, Cedar South 2300
  • Founders 300

Fri, Sept. 4, 2020 8am-6pm
2nd & 4th floors:

  • Eccles A200, B200, C200, C400
  • Cedar North 1200, Cedar South 2200
  • Founders 200 & 400

Sat, Sept. 5, 2020 8am-6pm
PT & 1st floors:

  • Ponderosa Terrace (PT) apartments 1-9
  • Eccles B100, C100
  • Cedar North 1100, Cedar South 2100
  • Founders 100

Quick Resources


Send your T-Bird a Care Package to brighten their day, or visit Cedar City and get a discount on your hotel room.

Visit SUU Parent & Family Services for information on how to support your T-Bird.

We have a Google Spreadsheet that is being updated at least daily to reflect housing options available in the community.

Off-Campus Housing Options

Upcoming Events