Five Benefits of Earning a Language Degree

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Student learning sign language, language degree programs at SUUStudents from all around the world come to Southern Utah University and bring with them their unique cultures and languages. But did you know that you can also center your education around learning a different language? SUU offers several language degree programs where students can learn about languages and cultures from across the globe.

Degree programs include French, French Teaching, Spanish, and Spanish Teaching. Additional minors include  French, German, Spanish, and a Mandarin Chinese minor will be offered starting in Fall 2023. Students can also take up to four semesters of Attic, or ancient Greek. But how exactly can you benefit from a language degree? Here is everything you need to know about what a language degree can do for you.

Language Degree Jobs

There are lots of jobs being created with language degree recipients in mind, including those below.


Translate information from one language to another–even into languages that are signed instead of spoken. Interpreters act as the middleman between two parties so that communication can be received and given seamlessly. Interpreters can translate for concerts, theater productions, classes, government speeches, law firms and divisions, and of course, clients.

Human resources specialist or analyst

Gather information and compile the data in order to analyze it. Specialists/analysts must have an understanding of different relations–human, industrial, communication, etc. and are typically over recruitment in companies.

Medical interpreter

This job is rising through the ranks to be a very important job for this day in age. Medical Interpreters provide accurate translations of medical information and act as interpreters for foreign patients to relay crucial information to medical professionals and vice versa. SUU Spanish grads have gone on to work at the local Women’s Crisis Center to help the Spanish-speaking community with their needs.

Travel agent

A travel planner for clients. They are in charge of endorsing different vacation destinations, offering advice on travel methods, putting together itineraries and schedules, etc. They sell different types of lodging, travel packages, and special admission to activities for guests in locations around the world. Every aspect of travel planning they coordinate is catered to their clients.

Proofreader for international literary works

A proofreader acts as a second pair of eyes for a literary work. They make suggestions and corrections to help make the words flow and make sense. For international works, this role is even more important. Proofreaders will make sure that the words have been translated correctly and that the grammar makes sense to a native speaker.

Tourism specialist

Similar to a travel agent, a tourism specialist acts as a promoter for any given location. They also arrange travel modes, hotel accommodations, and suggesting schedules, all while providing cost estimates to clients. In some cases, they may even lead tours and itineraries at any given travel destination! This part of the job is a great way to experience different cultures and languages–a degree in a language would be really useful!

Benefits of Earning a Language Degree

1. Proficient in another language and culture

Besides the fact that traveling abroad will be easier with a language degree, there are a lot more meaningful advantages to having a degree in a foreign language. Think about how many people worldwide speak the language you’re learning. You can connect with these people, even outside the classroom and on social media, to learn about the different cultures through the common ground of speaking the same language. To learn about culture from those who are a part of it is the most beautiful way to participate and expand your understanding of people from all over the world.

2. Increase cognitive abilities

Learning a foreign language in depth has been proven to sharpen your mind because of the time it takes to become proficient. Research shows that people who speak more than one language do better on standardized tests than people who speak only one language. When you think about things through a different lens, it enhances your creativity!

3. It can open up lots of opportunities in different career fields

There’s no doubt that being fluent in another language helps you stand out, in more ways than one! It can help enhance your abilities in the professional world, especially if you choose to double major and pair your language major with something else. It is a great aid for jobs that allow you to help and communicate with people and can help you network within the workplace.

4. Learn to appreciate your native language more

Learning the fundamentals of a new language can not only further your knowledge of that specific syntax, but also helps you learn how to understand and analyze different grammatical structures in your native language, and other foreign languages of similar origins to the one you’re studying. You can compare and contrast all the things that your native and foreign languages have in common and make connections. When you’re able to find things that match in two different languages, learning the new language becomes easier!

5. It’s fun

Learning about foreign cultures and people is more interesting than anything. It helps you gain a new perspective on people from different walks of life and gives you a deeper understanding of the lives of people around the world. Not only that, but you get to experience the unique beauty of linguistics. In the end, you will also feel pride in what you have learned about the language and yourself.


Additionally, if you teach another language, you benefit from helping others learn another culture and pass on your passion for the language. Opportunities for travel abroad for your foreign language are also something that can help you develop a deeper understanding and connection to a new culture. Try taking a language course at SUU and see what you can learn!

SUU’s Department of Languages and Philosophy is dedicated to helping students think outside the box through the lens of foreign languages in their studies and in real life. By cultivating a learning environment influenced by cultures from around the world, students are able to find their voice and their passion through a variety of study opportunities and language degrees.

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