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Prof. Jim HarrisonAfter 40 years of teaching German at SUU, Prof. Jim Harrison will be retiring next month. Jim also served as the Director of the Tanner Center from 2002-2012, Department Chair of Languages & Humanities from 2002-2010, Director of Convocations from 2003-2005, and an Adjunct Professor of Music (Percussion Instructor) from 1976-1998. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Jim will be greatly missed by students, faculty, and staff not only here in the Languages & Philosophy Department, but also throughout campus.

Placement Test: Do you have previous experience and/or coursework in a language and need to know the level into which you should enroll next semester? For placement test information, contact Jennilee Thayer at 435-586-7835 or

Earn Foreign Language Credits via Testing or an Upper-level Course. Refer to the linked document for more information about your options and the process for purchasing credits. If you've had previous coursework or experience in Spanish, French, or German and would like to proceed directly to an upper level class, please follow these instructions for obtaining a prerequisite override. First, print the Registration Add/Drop form. Complete, sign, and scan the form. Next, attach the form to an email to the professor who teaches the requested class. Explain who you are and how you are qualified. If approved, the professor and Department Chair will sign and the form will be sent to the Registrar's Office for registration in the class.

Practice your French or Spanish at our Language Tables.

Encuentros meets every Tuesday during the regular school year from 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm in GC 004. Come to Encuentros, where native Spanish speakers and native English speakers help each other learn, practice, and improve their language skills!

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