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Meet Brookayla Nelson, Spanish Major

Ms. Nelson is the recipient of the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi undergraduate study abroad award of $2500. This award has allowed Brookayla to participate with the Summer-Spanish Internship & Language Immersion in Cusco, Peru this past June-July.

 Placement Test: Do you have previous experience and/or coursework in a language and need to know the level into which you should enroll next semester? For placement test information, contact Jennilee Thayer at 435-586-7835 or

Spring Semester 2019 Office Hours

Acosta, Junice: MTWR 2-3, W 9-10, or by apt.

Bertoglio, Carlos: MW 8-11:30, or by apt.

Fitzpatrick, Kirk: MWF 12-2, or by apt.

Leahy, Elise: M 2:30-4:30, T 4-5, W 2-3 & 3:30-4:30, or by apt.

Jiang, Xiangping: MR 2:30-4:30, or by apt.

Perez, Rosa: MTW 9-10, TR 12-1, or by apt.

Phillips,Kris: MWF 2-3, T 3-5, or by apt.

Portaro, Iliana: M 10-1, W 11-1, or by apt.

Smith, Jason: M 1-3, TR 12:30-2:30, or by apt.

Stinnett, Jason: MW 1-2:30, TR 9:30-10:30, or by apt.

Twitchell, Corey: MW 2-4, R 12-1, or by apt.

General Office: Monday – Thursday 8-5, Friday 8-4

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