How to Make Friends in College

Posted: August 15, 2023 | Author: Abbie Cochrane | Read Time: 3 minutes

One of the most common worries college students face is how to make new friends. However, making friends in college can be easier than you might think. At Southern Utah University, there are many opportunities to meet new people and create a unique social circle. Here are some ways students can make new friends at SUU:4 students in SUU shirts and sweaters smiling in front of the Upper Quad trees

Going to Events

SUU hosts lots of events throughout the year for students to attend. Not only is it a fun way to make memories, but it’s a convenient way for students to meet new people and introduce themselves to the social scene on campus. From Welcome Week to Commencement, there are dozens of events to attend and participate in. Not only is going to events a great opportunity to meet people, but it’s an easy and fun way to get involved on campus and contribute to school spirit! Check out the calendar of events.

Join a Club

With almost two hundred clubs to join, there are plenty of opportunities for students to make friends with similar interests at SUU. Along with academic and special interest clubs, there are also organizations that specialize in community service, outdoor recreation, and culture and diversity. SUU also hosts several Greek organizations: Sigma Chi and Chi Phi fraternities, and Delta Psi Omega and Alpha Phi sororities. These clubs and organizations are a great opportunity for students to expand upon their interests, devote time to character-building projects and connect with all different kinds of people.

Explore Around Town

Cedar City is home to lots of great restaurants and hang-out spots that provide an excellent opportunity to meet new people. With several parks and hikes located around town, there are also lots of great ways to get outside with new friends. Throughout the year, Cedar City’s hotspots rotate in popularity as the seasons change–some places are more popular than others, but every spot is still great for meeting people. Learn more about hikes and outdoor activities in and around Cedar City. Find  restaurants in Cedar City.

Get To Know Classmates

Classes can work as a built-in friendship facilitator. Try making friends with the people in the class. Work with new people for group projects, put together a study group, and get to know people in similar or the same majors. Not only can having friends with similar studies be beneficial academically, but it can also grow social circles. Planning a study session at the library with classmates is a great way to strengthen friendships and complete assignments.

Befriend Roommates

The easiest way to make friends is by getting on good terms with roommates. Cultivating a safe environment with the people in one’s housing is a fast and effective way to make friends and have a happy living space. Having roommates as friends can also be helpful when it comes to divvying up household tasks and communicating with each other. Learn about housing options on campus and off-campus.

Make Friends At Work

Lots of on-campus jobs are available to students, which provides a great opportunity to not only gain valuable career experience but also make friends with other student workers. Having friends in the workplace can cultivate a creative team and form a sense of unity among coworkers. This is possible in any job; on campus or off campus. Learn more about on-campus jobs.

There are so many ways to make new friends in college, but the biggest fact to remember is putting oneself out there. Every new student wants to make friends, and by going to the effort to meet new people, one is more likely to find those they click with. Besides, having a strong inner circle of friends is often what people remember most about college, and those are memories that can last a lifetime.

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