How Career Advising Can Help College Students

Posted: November 20, 2023 | Author: Clare-Estelle Perkins | Read Time: 2 minutes

Student talking with career advisor

College is a time for all types of growth and development, perhaps most importantly professional development. Entering college it can be hard to decide what career path to take, figuring out your future is stressful stuff. Talking to a career advisor is a great way to help students understand what academic and career options work best for them and what they want for their future. 

What do Career Advisors help with?

Advisors in the SUU Career and Professional Development Center offer guidance through a variety of methods such as workshops, assessments, and other tools to help you determine the right path for your college studies and future career. Career Advisors can provide assistance with things like:

  • Career planning
  • Administering an assessment that explores students’ interests, values, preferred work environment, etc., to help them determine career and major decisions
  • Resume building
  • Creating effective cover letters
  • Securing a post-graduation job
  • Offering work-life balance advice
  • Offering skill-building courses and exercises
  • Alumni job searches

Career Advisors connect students with opportunities to apply classroom learning to a pre-professional environment through workshops and internships. This exploration can help students better determine whether or not they want to pursue a certain career. Advisors can also help students and alumni in their job searches. It can be daunting to look for a job as a soon-to-be graduate and an experienced advisor can help guide you through the process.

Who should see a Career Advisor?

While most students may have chosen a major, a large number still don’t know what they want in a career. Career Advisors are prepared to guide students through these difficult decisions. Students needing to choose a major or seeking a career plan should meet with a Career Advisor to better understand how their skills and interests translate into possible jobs or careers. 

The SUU Career & Professional Development Center helps students and alumni gain the skills, knowledge, experience and connections needed to succeed in their post-graduation goals. 

Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor at SUU or go to the Career and Professional Development Center on Campus at the Sharwan Smith Student Center in Suite 204.

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