Economics Program

Programs Available: Bachelor Degree, Minor

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The economics program provides students with high quality educational opportunities and excellent preparation for professional careers or graduate school.

Highly effective teaching—focused on student learning—is the hallmark of the program.

The faculty also strives to make meaningful intellectual contributions, by conducting and disseminating the results of research and related scholarly activities, and to provide service to the university, the economics profession and society.

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Why Choose SUU for Economics Studies?

  • Small classes and a personal learning environment
  • Strong job placement in a wide variety of fields and industries
  • Many graduates admitted to top professional and graduate programs
  • All faculty members are well-qualified and very active in their fields, in terms of both research and consulting
  • Undergraduates regularly engage in research projects and individualized
  • learning activities with faculty

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Career Potential for Economics Graduates

Economics is an unusual major that is both liberal arts, since it’s a social science, and professional, since it’s a fundamental discipline for business.

Because it emphasizes the development of thinking and problem-solving skills, economics prepares graduates for a wide variety of careers and a changing environment.

Common fields of employment include general business, government, financial services, and consulting; recent graduates hold job titles such as manager, researcher or analyst.

Economics is also an exceptional major to prepare for MBA or Law programs.

Economics Studies


Advisors are available for undergraduate and graduate students, career coaching, and incoming students. 

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Department Chair

Josh Price

Josh Price
Phone: 435-865-8286
Office: BU 308E