School of Business

International Opportunities

The School of Business encourages students to develop a "global" perspective by studying outside the continental United States. Partnerships have been developed to provide an enriched educational and cultural experience. Students are required to complete the business foundation courses in their first two years of study. Upon successful completion of the pre-requisites, an application may be submitted to the Global Engagement Center review.

US companies are increasingly interested in hiring potential employees with an exposure to international practices and relations. Study abroad participation through the School of Business and its approved partners will provide every student with a value-added experience. Partnerships have been established after careful consideration of program quality, institutional personnel, and safety. International study will strengthen a student's resume and provide experiences which will develop an autonomous, socially developed, capable employee.

Certificate in International Business

As the world of business becomes more global-oriented, there are more US companies based or operated outside of the US. These US companies need a workforce that understands not only the foreign markets and the needs of international customers, but also the diverse cultural and linguistic environments.

The Certificate of International Business will prepare students with the necessary skills in business, accounting, finance, management, and knowledge in international environmental aspects. While completing the requirements for the certificate, students will immerse themselves in the global business world and broaden their views of the international business industry beyond the US perspective.

Certificates are offered for the following business students:

Dual Degree Programs

Pursuing a Dual Degree program offers an degree from the United States as well as a European degree. Presently, SUU offers Dual Degree Programs at an undergraduate and graduate level. The undergraduate offering is located in Poitiers, France. A graduate offering is located in Paris, France.

Future sites in Germany may be available soon.