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Current Business Students

Integrity Pledge

As a member of the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business community, I pledge, on my honor, that I will not lie, steal, cheat, or tolerate those who do.

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Academic Integrity Orientation Video

Your School of Business Student Representatives 2023/2024

Vision Statement:

As representatives of the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business students, we strive to be a professional and reliable resource. We represent the business students in SUUSA (Southern Utah University Student Association), and vote on policies on behalf of our constituents. We serve as a bridge between faculty and students to make sure communication and goals are in alignment. We are dedicated to implementing positive change as we enhance awareness of the resources available for an optimal student experience at the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business.


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Business Student Clubs & Honor Societies

Collegiate DECA & PBL
Advisor: Dr. Mike Kroff,
Collegiate DECA Website
Website: Professional Business Leaders

Business Law
Advisor: David Grant,
President: Logan Eves,

Entrepreneurship Club
Advisor: Dr. Tyler Stillman,
President: Tim Christiansen,
Website: Entrepreneurship Club
Instagram: @suu_entrepreneurship

Finance Club
Advisor: Bina Sharma,
President: Diego Contreras, 
Website: suufinanceclub

Hospitality Guild
Advisor: Dr. AJ Templeton,
President: Matthew Watson,

Professional Accountancy Club
Advisor: Jeff Orton,
Asst. Adv: Paul Schneider,
President: Bodell Nielson, 

Professional Sales Club
Advisor: Kurt Wankier, 
President: Becca Hazelet, 
Instagram: @suuprosales

Student Management Association
Advisor: Mike Rogers, 
President: Christian Garner, 

SUU Economics and Analytics Club
Advisor: Dr. Elijah Neilson,
President: Kira Swann, 

SUU Investment Group
Advisor: Steve Engst,
Website: SUU Investment Group

The Marketing Club
Advisor: Hyejin Kim,
President: Aleiram Arenaza, 

Women in Business
Advisor: Paige Gardiner,
President: Gabby Mahoe,

Honor Societies