Graduate Certificate in International Business

The certificate combines three international business courses and a study abroad experience. A foreign language prerequisite is required. A total of 12 credit hours are required for completion.

  1. Three Courses (9 hours) in International Business
    International Economics and Finance ECON 6210
    Advanced Issues in Business (dual listed with the following undergraduate international courses with additional graduate research required)  
    • International Management (MGMT 3050)
    BA 6100
    • International Marketing (MKTG 3400)
    BA 6100
    Special Topics in International Accounting ACCT 6900
    International Management (Project) MGMT 6900
    Approved international courses taught by
    international partner institutions (study abroad)
  2. Study Abroad Experience of at least 2 Weeks (up to 7 hours)

    The international experience requirement allows students to gain practical international business experience. Students can fulfill the requirement by participating in a study abroad program or an international internship. Study abroad experiences must be approved through a Leavitt School of Business advisor.