Undergraduate Certificate in International Business

The certificate combines two international business courses with a foreign language and an area or thematic studies course. Four courses and a study abroad experience are required. A total of 15 credit hours are required for completion.

  1. Two Courses (6 hours) in International Business
    International Economics and Finance ECON 4900
    International Management MGMT 3050
    International Marketing MKTG 3400
    Special Topics (International) ACCT/FIN/MGMT/MKTG 4900
  2. One Course (3 hours) in a Foreign Language

    May be submitted with intensive modern language course taken abroad. See course catalog for additional listings.

  3. One Course (3 hours) in Area or Thematic Studies
    History of Non-Western Art ARTH 3750
    Intercultural Communications COMM 2150
    Continental European Literature I ENG 3250
    Continental European Literature II ENG 3260
    World Literature – Non-Western ENG 3270
    British Literature I ENG 3230
    British Literature II ENG 3240
    Culture and History of France FREN 3510
    Topics in French Studies/Culture FREN 4640
    Cultural History of Germany GERM 3510
    Europe in the 20th Century HIST 4480
    Topics in African History HIST 4610
    Intro to Middle East POLS 3440
    Theories of International Relations POLS 4600
    International Law and Organization POLS 4610
    International Conflict POLS 4700
    Traveling Across South Asia SOC 3110
    Global Issues in Sociology SOC 4500
    Culture and History of Spain/Latin America SPAN 3510
    History of Spanish Language SPAN 4610

    *Courses may be taken as part of a study abroad program.

  4. Study Abroad Experience of at least 2 Weeks (up to 7 hours)

    The international experience requirement allows students to gain practical international business experience. Students can fulfill the requirement by participating in a study abroad program or an international internship. Study abroad experiences must be approved through a Leavitt School of Business advisor.