Undergraduate Certificate in International Business

The certificate combines two international business courses with a foreign language and an area or thematic studies course. Four courses and a study abroad experience are required. A total of 15 credit hours are required for completion.

  1. Two Courses (6 hours) in International Business
  2. One Course (3 hours) in a Foreign Language

    May be submitted with intensive modern language course taken abroad. See course catalog for additional listings.

  3. One Course (3 hours) in Area or Thematic Studies

    *Courses may be taken as part of a study abroad program.

  4. Study Abroad Experience of at least 2 Weeks (up to 7 hours)

    The international experience requirement allows students to gain practical international business experience. Students can fulfill the requirement by participating in a study abroad program or an international internship. Study abroad experiences must be approved through a Leavitt School of Business advisor.

Catalog: Course Requirements