School of Business

Business Internship Guidelines

  1. The internship must require meaningful work that would ordinarily be done by a person already having a bachelors degree in a business field.
  2. The internship should be a special project that requires a higher level of work than that normally required.
  3. The employer/intern should provide a job description at the time a student applies for the internship.
  4. The employer may provide a follow-up evaluation to the supervising professor at the time the internship is completed.
  5. The student must provide a written paper at the conclusion of the internship. The general rule is that the paper should be a minimum of a three pages per credit hour, double-spaced, type written, in a 12 point font with no more than one inch margins. The paper should be one that compares the academic literature related to the project or internship work with the actual practices of the organization. Recommendations for improvement to the organization should be made and deviations from common good practices described in the literature should be explained, if these deviations are rational in a certain circumstance. The literature review should include no less than three scholarly references per credit hour. Report should be turned in to the supervising professor no later than one week prior to finals, such that grading deadlines can be met.
  6. Incomplete grades will only be allowed if all of the conditions are met which govern incomplete grading in university policy.
  7. Internships are graded Pass / Fail only.
  8. Internship credits may not be used in lieu of a required course for any business degrees. Where elective credits are possible to meet a requirement for a business major, no more than three internship credits can be used to meet those major requirements for a business degree. No more than 12 credits of internship can be applied toward general and major-specific elective credits combined.
  9. Once the internship application is complete with all appropriate signatures, the internship application must be turned in to the School of Business Office so a record of the internship can be kept.