Child Care Application Spring 2024


Children of degree-seeking student-parents registered for classes through SUU or Southwest Technical College.


Priority enrollment is given to degree-seeking single parents. Additional consideration is given to families with the greatest financial need, full-time students enrolled in face-to-face classes, and students close to graduation.

Child Care Tuition

Tuition is calculated based on an hourly rate depending on the age of the child, and then multiplied by the amount of hours requested for the semester. The tuition can be paid in monthly installments, or for the entire semester at once.


6 weeks - 23 months: $4.50/hour

2 years and up: $4.00/hour



We are no longer accepting new applications for the Spring 2024 Semester.

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If your child is over 4 years old and you are interested in preschool, please visit the SUU Preschool Website.