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Undergraduate Resources

Graduate School Application Process

Students interested in applying to graduate school should begin researching programs the year before they intend to graduate from SUU.

  • Find programs that fit your scientific interest and also consider the location, as that affects local amenities, cost of living, and other social factors that can play a big role in your success during graduate school.
  • Reach out to faculty members in your programs of interest. Ask about their research and if they have funded projects for graduate students. Include a few details about who you are and what you hope to accomplish in graduate school and in your professional career. You can also ask what they are looking for in a graduate student.
  • Check to see if the programs of interest require the GRE. Fewer and fewer programs require that standardized test, but many still do.
  • Check to see if the institution charges an application fee. These can add up if you apply to many programs, but there may be waivers depending on institutional policies.
  • Keep a list of application deadlines for the programs that you are interested in.
  • Speak with SUU faculty about recommendation letters and deadlines. Let recommendation writers know about why you are interested in specific programs and what your goals are, as this will help them write your letter. Letters are typically submitted to an online portal, and writers prefer if students chose the option for letters to remain confidential.

Departmental Scholarships

The Geosciences Department offers several scholarships available only to SUU Geosciences majors. You can apply for those scholarships directly through the SUU Financial Aid web site or you can fill out the Geosciences Scholarships Application. If you fill out the standard SUU scholarship application, please also fill out the Supplemental Geosciences Scholarship Application file, too.

The scholarship application deadline is March 1 of every spring.

Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding

External Funding

Clubs and Organizations

Student Testimonials

Tess Johnson
“I Love rocks. I’ve always loved science and learning about the Earth and how it works. The geology program at SUU has helped me strengthen my passion and want to share it with others. That is why I want to be a teacher and share that passion with students. My experience here at SUU has been wonderful.”

Zach Smith
“I’m a geology major because I enjoy studying the world around me and trying to figure out how it works. When you study geology, the whole world becomes interesting, and there is never a dull moment.”

Jennifer Crowell
“I started off as a biology major, but then I took one geology class and realized something was missing from my education. I want to become a paleontologist so I decided to double major in biology and geology because they are both so important in the study of ancient life.”

Edyte Konan
“I am a geology major because I do not like offices. The field is much more exciting. I prefer to be a scientist, to do calculations and research. I can also earn a lot of money in geology”