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Center for Teaching Innovation

The Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) exists to assist SUU’s learning community. We provide expertise and resources to projects of all scopes. We help answer technical questions, assist with webinars or conferences, work to create innovative teaching solutions, and much more. Our role is to empower the campus community to achieve their big dreams.

Our Mission

The Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) designs, executes, and upholds professional quality standards to enrich the educational experience for learners and faculty by providing greater reach and personalized modalities.


Our Vision

We envision an innovative environment where faculty and learners have the knowledge and support of emerging technologies to achieve classroom success in a high-quality, creative learning environment.


Our Culture

The culture at the Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) is positive, collaborative, and supportive. We value constructive problem-solving, diverse opinions, innovation, and lighthearted conversations. We cultivate a healthy work-life balance and embrace the strategy of play to improve creativity. 

All are welcome in our office with respect and recognition for individual experiences and different perspectives. We strive to build educational materials with a strong foundation in pedagogy, with appropriate technology. We appreciate that learners and faculty come to us at every level of experience, regardless of the modality.


The Center for Teaching Innovation