Early College Online (ECO)

Early College On-line (ECO) is a program that allows high school aged students who are not able to take advantage of our Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program to begin earning college credits at a reduced cost. These might include students who are home-schooled, attending private high schools, or those who live outside the state of Utah. Courses are delivered in an asynchronous on-line format to maximize flexibility and convenience for students.

Note: If you are a Utah public school student in Iron, Garfield, or Beaver School Districts you should be checking out our Concurrent Enrollment program.

Benefits for Students

  • Reduces cost! ECO courses cost only $75 per credit.
  • Facilitates the transition to college life, instilling good study habits and critical thinking skills.
  • Offers students a head start on college, shortening the time necessary to earn a degree.
  • Builds student’s confidence in their ability to be successful at the college level.
  • Gives undecided students an opportunity to determine if college is right for them.
High school student earning college credit online

Requirements to Participate

3.0 or higher High School GPA (or equivalent)

Parent/Guardian Permission

High School Recommendation/Transcript


Early College Online