Registration for Early College Online

Students register online once they are fully admitted to the University.

Students will receive the Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) directly from the program coordinator via email (ECO classes are not going to appear in a search for courses). Students are responsible for registering for only the ECO courses. If a student registers for a non-ECO section of a course they will be charged full tuition.

Instructions to Register for Classes

  1. Access your mySUU Portal using the username and password created when you activated your account.
    1. If this is your first time accessing the mySUU Portal, it may prompt you to verify your personal information. If it does, follow the directions and then proceed with logging in.
  2. In the mySUU Portal, you will see two gray boxes on the left-hand side of the screen. In the "Banner" box (bottom left) select "Registration".
  3. Select "Register for Classes"
  4. Select the term in which you will be taking courses and select "Continue"
  5. Select the "Enter CRNs" tab below the "Register for Classes" heading.
  6. Enter the Course Registration Number (CRN) given to you by your counselor in the space provided. Select "Add Another CRN" and repeat this step for each course for which you are registering.
  7. Select "Add to Summary", which will add your course(s) to the "Summary" section at the bottom right of the page.
  8. Review the "Summary" section to verify the courses listed are correct.
  9. Select "Submit" at the bottom right corner of the page.
  10. Verify that the "Status" column in the "Summary" section displays "Registered" for each course.

Prerequisite Requirements

English and Math courses at Southern Utah University have prerequisite requirements that must be met before a student can register to take them. Students need to verify they have met the prerequisite requirement for any English or Math course they wish to take and ensure this information has been provided to the university. The prerequisites are as follows:

  • Math 1010 – ACT Math score of 18 or SUU ALEKs test with a score of 30.
  • Math 1030 – ACT Math Score of 21 or SUU ALEKs test with a score of 40.
  • Math 1040 - ACT Math Score of 23 or SUU ALEKs test with a score of 50.
  • Math 1050 – ACT Math score of 23 or SUU ALEKs test with a score of 50.
  • English 1010 – ACT English score of 17 or SUU Accuplacer test indicating eligible for English 1010.
  • English 2010 – ACT English Score of 29, or a C- or better in English 1010


Early College Online