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K-12 Professional Development Programs

Thank you for considering Southern Utah University!

The Southern Utah University K12 Professional Development program provides credit for in-service school teacher courses. Courses are conducted by our education partners and not Southern Utah University.

Types of Courses

The courses we provide credit for are divided into two categories:

  • Endorsement Courses
  • General Professional Development Courses

We provide credit to our education partners based on the needs of their participants at a very low cost. All Endorsement and General Professional Development courses are recorded on a transcript with a course number of “5XXX”.

The credit generated by these courses is typically used for recertification points, endorsements, and as lane change credit. However, please note that how the 5000 level course credits are used is strictly up to the school district and the Utah State Office of Education, as SUU makes no promise that this type of credit will be accepted anywhere or for any purpose.

Our education partners have the option to offer their courses face-to-face, online, or in a blended format.

Endorsement Courses

Endorsement course frameworks are developed by qualified faculty at Southern Utah University, observing state of Utah requirements. School districts seeking to offer these courses must use and closely adhere to SUU syllabi and content. SUU credit is conferred only under these conditions. Participants use the credit as recorded on the transcript to apply for the endorsement from the Utah State Office of Education.

Current Endorsement Opportunities at Southern Utah University

  • Reading (Level 1 and 2)
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Elementary STEM
  • Educational Technology
  • English as a Second Language
  • Gifted and Talented

Through one of our educational partners, we offer the courses required to add an Early Childhood (K-3) License Area to an existing elementary (1-8) license area (see section below titled, “Computer Interactive Courses” for information on the educational organization who offers these courses).

General Professional Development Courses

General Professional Development courses are developed and taught by our education partners, and offered in dozens of different topics, many of which are cutting edge. Education partners are welcome to submit proposals based on their specific needs. Integrative and Experiential Learning is encouraged. See section below titled, “Computer Interactive Courses” for information on our educational partner who offer courses online.)

Recent Areas of Interest (our education partners are not limited to these areas):

  • Data Driven Decision-Making
  • STEM
  • Math
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Language Arts
  • Classroom Management
  • Teacher Academy
  • Social Studies

Please note that we also accept proposals for SUU credit for educational conferences as well, as long as the general guidelines are met, and the proposal contains all the required parts.

General Guidelines

The general guidelines to offer a course for SUU credit include:

  • Course must include 15 hours of *contact time for each credit requested.
  • Lead instructor must have a Master’s degree, and experience relevant to the course topic. For Endorsement courses, lead instructor must have a Master’s degree (or Ph.D. for Level 2 reading courses) in the field of the course topic and be endorsed in the endorsement he/she plans to teach.
  • Course content must clearly demonstrate substantive learning, and include assessments and grading rubrics.
  • Syllabus must contain clearly defined “Expected Learning Outcomes” (please see the document titled, “Expected Learning Outcomes” for examples).
  • Integrative and Experiential Learning is encouraged.


Course Type Price per credit
General Professional Development courses (Utah and Nevada) $21
General Professional Development courses (outside of Utah and Nevada) $28
Endorsement courses $23

Our public education partners may charge additional fees to their participants to cover their expenses such as: instructor costs, textbooks/materials, courseware, overhead, and etc.

Proposing a Course

To request consideration of SUU credit for a course, please carefully follow these guidelines:

  1. We recommend that you contact the K12 Programs Director prior to submitting a proposal.
  2. Pre-approval is sought before you offer a course for credit, by SUU by submitting a proposal which has 3 parts: a coversheet on formal letterhead (a template is available), a syllabus (a checklist of required items is available), and a resume/vita for all instructors.
  3. Send proposal by email to:
  4. When a decision is made you will be contacted. For approved proposals, we will send instructions for registration procedures.
  5. Approval duration for General Professional Development is one calendar year, in which time the course may offered an unlimited amount of times (as long as no course/instructor/content changes are made). For Endorsement courses, approvals must be sought each time the course is offered to ensure SUU compliance with state standards.

Contacting Us

Please use the email below for communication regarding proposal submission and approval process:

Our Address:

K12 Programs
Education Building 302
351 W University Blvd
Cedar City, UT 84720

Coordinator: Serena Woodhouse 
(435) 865-8085

Computer-Interactive Courses

Virtual Education Software, Inc. (VESI) is a third-party provider that offers computer-interactive courses, which Southern Utah University recognizes for 5000 level credit upon successful completion of the course. 

For information contact VESI at 1-800-313-6744, or visit the VESI website.

VESI will provide instructions for registration and payment. Upon completing the course, VESI will provide instructions for applying for credit from Southern Utah University.

All VESI courses are now tablet compatible! After calling VESI to register you will receive an email containing your course link(s).

2 Credit Courses:
VESi Courseware Fee: $140
SUU Credit Fee: $56

3 Credit Courses:
VESi Courseware Fee: $140
SUU Credit Fee: $84

Contact Us

Program Coordinator: Serena Woodhouse

(435) 865-8085

Participant Instructions Walkthrough

Open video directly

* Contact hours definition: Time spent with an instructor (in person or through synchronous/asynchronous technology), learning team, online text-based forum, lecture captured content, video-based instruction, computer-based instruction or simulations, conference attendance (must show accountability and have a substantive final assessment) and so forth. Time not considered contact hours includes homework outside of class: reading, writing, non-group projects, and so forth.