Educator Endorsements

Utah Endorsement Course Credit

Teachers can receive Utah endorsements directly through SUU! These graduate-level credit courses are taught at the 5000 level, and are approved through the Utah State Board of Education.

The courses are:

  • Length: 7-weeks long
  • Format: Fully Online*
  • Cost: $100/credit (or $300 a class)

    Due to a grant provided by USBE, the following endorsements will be offered at no cost to students who are currently teaching at a K-12 school within the state of Utah:
    • Educational Technology
    • Elementary STEM
    • Elementary Science

If the endorsements are taught at the district level, through SUU-approved district administrators, the courses are $23/credit.

Please note these classes do not necessarily need to be taken in order.

*All our endorsement courses are asynchronous. Some may have synchronous components, but if so; instructors typically will record those sessions and send them out for students that have conflicts with meeting times.

NOTE: In order to attach Elementary Science or Elementary STEM to your educator license, you need to have an elementary, early education, or SpEd license.

Yearly Endorsement Course Schedule

Utah Endorsement Registration Information

Spring Course Registration is now open
  • Session One: January 8th-February 25th
  • Session Two: March 4th-April 21st

Literacy Specialist K-12

Cost: $300 per class

1st Session

EDPD 5606: Practicum / Clinical Experience (CRN:13536)

2nd Session

EDPD 5601: Foundational Knowledge(CRN:13537)

EDPD 5602: Curriculum & Instruction(CRN:13538)


6 Total Courses for the Literary Specialist K-12 Endorsement

*Please check this endorsement's prerequisite requirements using the previous link.

Educational Technology

Cost: Free through a USBE Grant if you are currently teaching K12 in Utah

$300 for all other students.

1st Session

EDUC 5074: Foundations of Instructional Design and Pedagogy(CRN:13517)

EDUC 5076: Professional Growth and Leadership(CRN:13518)

2nd Session

EDUC 5077: Supporting and Developing 21st Century Learner(CRN:13519)

EDUC 5079: Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy(CRN:13520)


4 Total Courses for the Educational Technology Endorsement

Elementary Science

Cost: Free through a USBE Grant if you are currently teaching K12 in Utah

$300 for all other students.

1st Session

EDPD 5701: Nature of Science and Engineering(CRN:13521)

EDPD 5703: Matter and Energy in Science(CRN:13522)

EDPD 5704: Cause and Effect in Science(CRN:13524)

2nd Session

EDPD 5706: Classroom Practice in Science(CRN:13523)

EDPD 5705: Stability and Change in Science(CRN:13525)


6 Total Courses for the Elementary Science Endorsement

Elementary STEM

Cost: Free through a USBE Grant if you are currently teaching K12 in Utah

$300 for all other students.

1st Session

EDPD 5280: STEM for Teaching K-6 Technology & Engineering(CRN:13526)

2nd Session

EDPD 5290: STEM for Teaching K-6 Mathematics(CRN:13527)


3 Total Courses for the Elementary STEM  Endorsement

Elementary Math Specialist

Cost: Free through a USBE Grant if you are currently teaching K12 in Utah

$300 for all other students.

1st Session

EDPD 5850:Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Elementary Mathematics Leaders(CRN:13543)

2nd Session

EDPD 5860: Elementary Mathematics Education Leadership for School Change(CRN:13544)


2 Classes are required for the entire Elementary Math Specialist endorsement


*This endorsement requires the educator to be taking or have completed the Elementary Math Endorsement before enrolling in these courses.

Apply Now Registration Instructions

If you are enrolling in Ed Tech, STEM or Science courses, please exit out of the payment screen when prompted as they will be covered through the grant if  you are eligible. During the first week of the course the charge will be removed from your account.

In order to qualify for the grant, you have to complete the entire endorsement course with the grade of a C or higher

If not eligible for the USBE grant, the cost is $300 per course. In order to be eligible, you must currently hold a teaching position within a public charter or public school within the state of Utah.

*Educators seeking to earn an Elementary STEM Endorsement must first complete either an Elementary Science Endorsement or an Elementary Mathematics Endorsement or show completion of a combination of six courses from these two endorsements

Regional Education Service Agencies

If you are in a district that falls under one of Utah’s regional education service agencies (RESA’s), please reach out to them first to enroll in endorsements.

View RESA counties and charter schools

Nevada Endorsements

SUU K-12 Programs offers the following Nevada endorsements with community partners for $23/credit.


Available Courses

Where to take these courses

Educators outside of UT and NV

Educators looking for courses outside of our partner states of UT and Nevada can still enroll in our Utah Endorsement courses online. Registration and payment is the same. Please verify with your local educational institution or department, along with your state board of education, to ensure if these courses will count towards endorsements or lane changes in your area.

Two Pathways into the Masters of Education (M.Ed.)

Once a student completes an endorsement, they can fold 12-credits of it under SUU’s master’s of education (M.Ed.) elective credit. This means that you will have ⅓ of the degree already completed!

To learn more about the endorsements or options for your district, email

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Amount Cost
.5 Credit $11.5
1 Credit $23
3 Credit $46
4 Credit $69
5 Credit $115
6 Credit $138
The Registrar's Office has up-to-date steps for ordering transcripts.

Payment is due within two weeks of the first day of the class. If payment is not received by the due date, you will be automatically dropped from the course.