SUU's Teacher Education department is offering Alternate Pathway to Educator Licensure (APPEL) classes. With APPEL you will be given a Professional Learning Plan (PLP) by your local school district (for APPEL) or the State office (for APPEL-SpEd). 

Please be aware, we can only support APPEL Utah State Board of Education Approved Programs with SUU APPEL courses. 

The courses are $100 a credit with most courses being 3 credits.Once you complete your individual plan, the school district will recommend you for licensure Not SUU. 12 credits (4 classes) of either an Endorsement or the APPEL Program can roll into SUU's M.Ed. Program. You will have 1/3 of the degree complete!

All of these courses are:

  • Taught fully online
  • 7 week asynchronous

Summer 2024 Registration Information

In order to enroll in these courses, please follow the steps below:

  1. Apply to SUU as a Continuing Education Student
  2. Complete Class Registration Request

APPEL Courses

Second Session (07/01/24-08/18/24) Summer 2024
Name Credits Cost
SPED 5030 : Intro to Special Education 3 $300
EDUC 5034: Diverse Learners & Ed. Psych 3 $300
EDUC 5160: Curriculum, Tech & Assessment 3 $300
ELED 5470: Methods of Teaching Math 3 $300
EDPD (ELED) 5485: Methods of Social Studies 3 $300

*Course is for secondary education in-service teachers only. Elementary education teachers need to take a methods literacy course advised by the program manager.

APPEL-SpED Courses

Second Session (07/01/24-08/18/24) Spring 2024
Name Credits Cost
SPED 5110: Special Education Law 3 $300

NOTE: These online graduate courses are academically rigorous and fast-paced (i.e., 7-week format). Thus, it is recommended you take one course per part of term, particularly if you have other full-time responsibilities

PPAT Practice

APPEL learners who are preparing to take the PPAT can access Dr. Tony Pellegrini’s Praxis Performance Assessment of Teachers (PPAT) webinar. As a reminder, it is not a requirement, but a free webinar.

If you are interested in this PPAT webinar, please call Dr. Pellegrini at 435-559-1054 or email him at

Pathway Handbooks

Before the course starts

If you need to drop the course before the course starts you should be able to drop yourself in the same screen you registered in. Instead of registered click the drop down box and select web dropped.

If this is the only course you are enrolled in you will need to email to be dropped.

After the course starts

Please refer to the policies document you should’ve received with these instructions. If you drop more than a week after the first day of the course you will receive a ‘W’ on your transcripts. For more information read the policies document.

Reset your Password

  1. Go to
  2. Select “mySUUportal” 
  3. Click on “Forgot username or Password?”.
  4. Enter the email you used when you applied or enter the answer to your security question (if you have forgotten the answer to your security question, you will have to contact the IT Help desk) - or if you have never used the system then choose a security question and an answer.
  5. Read the disclaimer. Click the “I agree” box and then click “submit”.
  6. It will then display a screen that says, “Your account has been successfully activated. It will give you your user name and your T-Number (your password was the one you entered previously) – print this out for safe keeping.

If this doesn't work, please contact our IT help desk at 435-865-8200.

Please follow these steps to view your unofficial transcript (it is highly advisable that you check your SUU portal for your unofficial transcript prior to ordering a transcript - checking off that you would like to make sure that your semester grades are processed is not a guarantee that the transcript will include all grades):

  1. Go to
  2. Select “mySUUportal” 
  3. Select “Student Menu” in the Banner Box (Bottom left).
  4. Select “Student Records”
    e) Select “Academic Transcript”.
  5. Select which “Transcript Level” you would like to see (“All Levels” will show you all your credits).
  6. Select “Submit”.
  7. View your unofficial transcript to make sure all courses, grades and credits are listed correctly.

Please follow these steps to order your transcript:

  1. Access your SUU Portal.
  2. After gaining access to the portal, you will see a gray box on the right side of the screen titled, “Resources”. Select “Order Transcripts”.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen and be sure to use the correct address for any institution.

If you have any questions any of these instructions please contact K12 inservice at (435) 865-8085 or Emails will be the most efficient method of communication. If you call with an error we may end up sending you information or needing information through an email.

  • Participants must get admitted AND registered before the first day of class (participants should allow at least one full week - 7 days - to go through both of the processes).
  • If participants get an error message they must contact our office (at immediately with the following information:
    • Full Name
    • T-Number
    • Birthdate
    • Course Number (CRN)
    • Course Name
    • Which step they are in inside the instructions
    • Screenshot of the error message
  • Before ordering a transcript, it is the responsibility of the participant to make sure the course and the grade are on the transcript - AND that the grade has been calculated in the GPA - this is done by previewing the unofficial transcript that can be accessed through the SUU portal.
  • The course grade will not appear until the instructor has entered grades for all students, and the grades have been rolled onto the transcript.

Drop Policy

We would like to highly encourage participants to seriously consider the following information before enrolling in one of district/educational partner courses in which SUU credit is sought. Just as with regular university courses, there are times you can drop without consequence, so it is the same with our continuing education courses. Past a certain date there are implications for you to consider. Please use the information below to weigh your options, before you consider seeking credit (register) for one of SUUs continuing education courses.

Policy on drops:

  • Prior to the first day of class:
    • Partner/participant jointly request to be drop deleted – this does not require any approval outside of our office, this would leave no record of having taken the course and there would not be a charge.
  • Within the first week of class (Day 1 to Day 7 of course):
    • Partner/participant jointly request to be drop deleted – this requires approval outside of our office; and if approved, this would leave no record of having taken the course and there would not be a charge – if not approved a “W” will be placed on the record if drop is still pursued (see blurb below).
  • After the first week of class (Day 8 to end of course):
    • Circumstances beyond the participant’s control (death, hospitalization, severe illness etc.) - we can request a drop delete - if approved, this would leave no record of having taken the course and there would not be a charge – we request that our partner vet the circumstance and write an email of support to us requesting the drop delete.
    • Circumstances within the participant’s control (working two jobs, didn’t realize how much work was involved, and etc.) - we can do a withdrawal "W" per the request of the participant/partner - this leaves a record - the charge remains - the "W" can have implications if participant becomes a degree seeking student and seeks financial aid (see blurb below).
    • The participant discontinues participating in the course - we can either have the instructor report the grade earned, or report a "UW" - a "UW" is equal to an "F" in the GPA - the "UW" can have implications if participant becomes a degree seeking student and seeks financial aid.

Please read very carefully:

Withdrawing with a “W” can have implications on your financial aid. The criteria for receiving financial aid (which includes scholarships, loans, and grants) are that you have a good GPA. (2.0 or higher), and that you have a good completion rate (70%). Completion rate refers to the ratio between how many courses you attempt and how many you complete. For example, if you enroll in 6 credits and you withdraw with a “W” from 3 credits, your completion rate is 3/6 credits or 50%. When your completion rate drops below 70% overall, the financial aid office will contact you about the possibility of not being eligible for financial aid. It is very important that you get more advice from the financial aid office before you withdraw with a “W” from any of your courses. When you stop participating in a course, your instructor only has two options – a) give you the grade you earned, or b) give you a “UW”. A “UW” counts as an “F” (0.00) in your GPA. This can bring down your overall GPA on your transcript.