Risk Management Compliance Program & Framework

Compliance image

Southern Utah University is committed to operating ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies.

In that spirit, SUU has established a decentralized compliance approach with a network of University leaders and managers providing subject matter expertise in a range of compliance areas. The Compliance Program is overseen by the Enterprise Risk Management Committee, made of senior leadership, and supported by the University Compliance Committee made of key compliance owners. The Compliance Program also enables the University to provide centralized monitoring and substantive support by housing the Program in the Office of Enterprise Risk Management, which coordinates university-wide efforts to develop and implement programs that support ethical and compliant operations.

To enhance compliance in our decentralized environment, the SUU Compliance Matrix is a tool used to assign responsibility for broad compliance areas to top level administrative units, and designates content experts to act as “compliance owners” and compliance partners for specific regulatory issues that guide the operations of the university.