SUU Compliance Program

What is Compliance?

Compliance at SUU is promoting a culture of awareness, focused on all federal, state, and local laws and regulations that apply to institutions of higher education, and to proactively avoid or mitigate associated compliance risks. Campus Compliance Services is available to serve as a resource to systematically guide compliance efforts to maintain an ethical culture at SUU.

SUU Commitment to Compliance

In an effort to advance the mission, vision, and strategic plan of SUU, SUU is committed to ethically complying with all laws, regulations, and policies at all levels of governance associated with the institution.

The SUU Compliance Program advances SUU’s mission, vision, and strategic plan by helping university offices promote compliance and ethics to accomplish their goals. The program is directed by Campus Compliance Services through the oversight of the Office of ERM, Compliance, and Safety, and the ERM Advisory Committee (ERMAC). The program is designed to meet the requirements found in §8B2.1 of the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

Mission of SUU Compliance Program

Campus Compliance Services proactively manages and coordinates the University’s obligation to meet compliance requirements. This work is done in a culture-building ethical and educational manner, involving stakeholders from across campus.

Vision of SUU Compliance Program

Campus Compliance Services will grow an ethical compliance program that guides the University’s compliance efforts.