University Compliance Matrix

The Southern Utah University (SUU) compliance matrix is a vital piece of the SUU Compliance Program. Its purpose is to help SUU be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations associated with the institution by serving as a tool and reference that helps identify compliance obligations, areas, and compliance owners on campus. The SUU Compliance Matrix is a source of information to help carry out compliance related activities and obligation requirements. The matrix provides information of who to contact for specific compliance obligations, and it identifies compliance obligation owners on campus. The identification of the compliance obligations and the owners is essential to an effective compliance and ethics program. The SUU Compliance Matrix is adapted from the matrix created by the Higher Education Compliance Alliance.

The Enterprise Risk Management Advisory Committee, University Compliance Group, compliance owners (or designees), and Campus Compliance Services are all contributors to continually updating the matrix and ensuring the matrix is utilized appropriately for the use of maintaining compliance throughout the institution.

Access the full matrix

Compliance owners and necessary SUU administrators can access the full matrix by using their Gallagher Risk Track login. If you have any compliance and ethics questions or concerns, then please refer to the websites below and contact the appropriate office.