Certificates of Coverage

Non-Southern Utah University entities may periodically request evidence that SUU employees, property, programs or activities are insured by providing them a certificate of coverage. We will arrange to provide certificates of coverage upon your request.

We will attempt to comply with reasonable requests made by outside entities, but it may not be possible in some cases to comply. For example, some outside entities request to be added as additional insureds. This request will be granted if it is reasonable under the circumstances. They will be added as insureds, but only for the negligent acts or omissions of Southern Utah University and to the extent of the limits contained in the Utah Governmental Immunity Act. If you provide us with sufficient advance notice, we can work through these issues.

It is recommended that contracts be reviewed by SUU Risk Management for insurance issues prior to the execution of the contract.

Once we have received all of the above information from you, it normally takes 2-4 business days to have a certificate of coverage sent to an outside entity.

Certificate of Coverage Request