Property Damage, Loss, or Theft Claims

University Property Insurance Claim Procedure
The following is a list of the necessary steps for insurance recovery in case of University property loss, damage or theft.

  1. Immediately attempt to protect the University property from further damage.
  2. In the case of theft or vandalism, contact SUU Police (x7793) to report the incident and obtain a case number.
  3.  Take pictures of damaged items and/or property if possible.
  4. Obtain a narrative memo or written statement from the person who is responsible for the property. This memo should provide only factual information including:
    • exact location of property and when it was last seen and by whom
    • name of person responsible for property
    • who and when the loss was first discovered
    • exactly how loss occurred (This can be done using the Incident Report)
  5. Make a complete list of all damaged items (including make, model, and serial number).
  6. Obtain copies of the original purchasing documents, i.e., campus orders, purchase orders, or invoices which shows original cost, date of purchase, and purchase source.
  7. Inquire and document the possible repair of the equipment. If practical, repair equipment or replace only damaged parts of equipment.
  8. If replacement is necessary, document the current replacement cost which is the lowest price available to the University for comparable property with similar features (no "upgrades"). For computers and other electronic equipment, the replacement cost is often less than the original purchase price. Be sure to include the name and phone number of the person giving the price quote.
  9. Place any University property that damaged beyond repair and being replaced in a safe location for inspection by the insurer. Technically, any property replaced with insurance funds belongs to the insurer. Retain the damaged property and the equipment which caused the loss. For example, if a faulty valve caused water damage to some property, save the valve.
  10. Comply with the insurance provisions which require University Departments to compile and submit all claim information in a timely manner. Otherwise, the University's insurer may deny coverage for the loss.

Insurance recovery is subject to a $1,000 deductible.

Forward the information to SUU Risk Management Services
UCS 303 (office location)
FAX: 435 586-5482
Phone: 435 586-7901
SUU Risk Management Services will submit the claim to the State of Utah Division of Risk Management (DRM) once the required documentation is received from the University Department. The DRM determines what coverages apply to each claim on a case-by-case basis according to the current policy.