Health History Form

Health History Forms (HHF) are documents containing a person's medical history. The Health History Form provides critical information for trip leaders about health issues a participant may have (e.g. diabetes, history of seizures, PTSD, asthma, heart disease...). Each person attending the outing (including leaders) should complete a Health History Form and the forms should accompany the Trip Leaders throughout the outing. Trip Leaders ought to take time before the trip to review each form for completeness and to gain an understanding of their participants health history. If you have questions or concerns about any of the information from a participant's HHF, address it with the participant before the trip; note that not every would-be participant is suited for every trip and it may be appropriate to suggest a person not join your outing, this decision ought to be based on the overall well being and safety of the individual as well as the groups needs. HHFs often provide trip leaders with vulnerable information about their participants and discussing these unique circumstances should be done privately and with tact and concern for the participant's well being. The HHF should not be discussed openly with others nor should you allow participants access to anyone's form but their own. Once the outing is over each HHF should be shredded or returned to the participants.

Print enough Health History Forms from the link below for each person on your trip and have them fill them out. Review the completed forms, if you need further clarification on a medical issue discuss it with the participant privately before the outing. Be sure the completed forms accompany you or a co-leader for the duration of your outing.